About TheDabStore.com

TheDabStore.com was created to provide the finest quality products for the aficionados out there who appreciate precision crafted work. We vow only to sell American made glass, titanium, and quartz. The Dab Store wants to foster the American glass culture and support our country's trade workers.  

Our mission is to offer a product line that allows the buyer to find exactly what they want. We seek out glass that can be affordable for those who need a reliable dab rig, and we purchase heady rigs that have precision artistic work/functionality. 

We have been retailing dabbing rigs, titanium nails, quartz, and vape pens since 2012. We will continue to put out quality products and obtain the best glass there is.

Our commitment to a green work place: We only use 100% Recycled cardboard boxes (Also American made). We go above and beyond to reuse shipping materials in our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Please feel free to email us for more information we would love to hear from glass blowers, vendors, friends, fans, family, and hypocrites! Be sure to subscribe to our news letter!