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April 04, 2017 420 Sale Kick Off!

The most celebrated time of year for our community is upon us... 4/20! We have started our 420 Sale for the month and have huge discounts. Some new heady glass and quartz style bangers have also been added to lace up our customers with the best gear.

The newest design from Staklo Glass with his perfectly sized Terp Jammer mini tubes. These come with a removable 10 MM down stem. When removed you can put any 14 MM male jointed nail or slide in. The Staklo Glass Terp Jammers are squaty little tubes with a two hole diffy perc. Def a must for any flavor smoker. 

Staklo Glass 10/14 MM F Terp Jammers

Matt Robertson (ME Glass Works) sent us one of each of the new Zoo Tubes he put out. These Zoo Tubes by Matt Robertson have Girrafe, Cow, or Zebra patterns for the neck, a colored lip wrap, and a custom stamp on the back of each. Zoo Tubes are a budget friendly option for a Matt Robertson daily driver piece. 

Matt Robertson Zoo Tube

We have two new pieces from E.F. Norris. One of the best glass artists out of philly blessed us with a Brozay Connoisseur Cup & a Purple Rain/Crippy Connoisseur Cup recycler. These two both comes in signed pelican cases. 

E.F. Norris Connoisseur Cup RecyclerE.F. Norris Brozay Connoisseur Cup

 Topher Glass sent us a set of his Micro Kleins. These Kleins are so small and function amazing! They are extremely hard to make, but he manages to replicate his quality in each one time and time again. These are hard to find grab one if you can!

Topher Glass Micro Kleins

 We added a lot of new accessories for terp enhancement! We have several different directional carb caps to fit XL and regular Quave Club Bangers. Shown below are the Mason Caps we scooped last week that have amazing function:

Mason Cap Directional Carb CapMason Cap Directional Carb Cap

Other new products such as iDab directional carb caps, rosin press bags, and drop downs can be found at our accessories page:

We got  a hold of a few thermal bangers! Grab one before there gone:

The new addition to our site that everyone is talking about is our new Rosin Press! We have a Rosin Press offered to the public for light commercial and personal use. Check this product out and see if getting your own press is a viable option:

Rosin Press at

Lastly we will mention is the Puffco Plus + and Puffco Pro 2 vape pens we added last month. The Puffco Pen is an award winning pen with ceramic atomizers to truly unleash the flavors your concentrates have to offer. We have both available now as the only online retailer!

Puffco Plus vape pen

We hope you enjoy our most celebrated month! Here is a promo code 420SALE for free domestic shipping through 4/21. Get that gear :)


February 23, 2017

2017 New Heady Glass for sale at

The run down on our new Heady Glass pick ups and products from 2017!

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December 07, 2016

Holiday Shipping Deadlines & New Arrivals

With the holiday season fast approaching we wanted to inform you about our shipping deadlines. We also have some last minute clearance deals and new arrivals for the perfect gift!

For guaranteed delivery before 12/24/16,  our cut off is 12/20/16 2 PM MT. All orders placed after that we cannot promise will be there on or before 12/24/16. Our shipping facility will be closed 12/23-12/27/2016 all orders placed during that time will be shipped the next business day.

We scooped up a new E.F. Norris Connoisseur Cup with Glass Alchemy Tonic and Glowbalt UV Color. This rig comes ti signed by E.F. Norris and in a pelican case. This heady cup won't last long at our discounted price!  

We stocked up on quartz 14 MM Male Quave Club Bagers for all of our 14 mm Female jointed heades. We have a few other fittings available too. They come with QCB stickers while supplies last!

iDab Glass came through just in time for terp season! The new Terp Turner from iDab helps control air flow and direction while carb capping your dab. Click the picture below for product listing:

iDab Terp Turner Carb Cap

Our clearance items list has nearly doubled! Check our our clearance page here:

We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year! Use promo code: ELF710 for $10 any order over $100. Valid through 12/12/16


October 18, 2016

New Artist: Zach Landry (affordable and quality dabbing rigs)

This past week we got our first order from up and coming glass artist Zach Landry. Currently working out of San Diego, Zach has had a lot of development working for Sokol Glass. He sent us an assortment of his new work that included banger hangers, mini tubes, and a 10 mm recycler.

All the glass we received has extremely clean joint seals! The line work on his sections and colored tubing is spot on. For the price these are put out at, this work is a serious bang for your buck.

Zach Landry Mini tube 14 mm female  

 The mini tube features above was done with Green Sparkle over Electric Green and illuminati. These brilliant color combos are really legit for a piece priced under $450.

Blue Stardust banger hanger

Here is a bent neck banger hanger rig in blue stardust with a sublime mouth piece and a accent of illuminati around the bottom of the base. These rigs have a two hole diffusion perc which make for a great rip!

Zach landry 10 mm recycler

The all Blue Dream recycler above is absolutely lit! The faceted opal on the side adds the perfect accent to this piece. Zach put a 10 MM joint on this little monster! For $500 this little gem is worth the money!

We see this work going up in price as his name gets out there. Don't miss out on a great investment and quality piece of glass with his work!


July 10, 2016

The Meaning of 710 for Dabbing

    710 is the number used to represent dabbers as 420 represents individuals who smoke flower (plant matter). People who dab or vape concentrates, adopted 710 as the numeric representation. Thus July 10th is a celebrated day in the concentrate community.
The reason for choosing 710 is because when turned upside down it spells out “OIL”… oil. Oil which is also a term for concentrates is the general viscosity for most standard BHO runs.
    In 2013 we attended and vended at the first ever 710 Cup in our home city of Denver CO. The years prior there wasn’t such a movement around oil to form such a dope event. Meeting the people in our niche community was epic, the dabs were flowing, and the concentrate options weren’t a third of what they are today, but still fire. 710 Cup 2013
A monumental day and time for us stoners to celebrate! The tradition of 710 is a serious force these days with huge blow out events all over the medical and recreational states. We hope you enjoy responsibly and safely.
    If you need the essentials for this year’s celebrations, check out our offerings. We have butane torches, quartz bangers, dab rigs, carb caps, dabbers, enails, silicone mats/jars, and more!

April 03, 2016

New Heady Glass and Products Just in Time for our 4/20 Sale

Spring is here, the great outdoors are calling and the cannabis communities’ celebrated month of April is upon us. Our current discount of 15-50% off our entire inventory is running 4/1 – 4/20. We stocked up on new products and heady glass to keep our patrons laced up for the festivities/adventures.

We just listed the order of Ball Rigs from Brent Martindale with the most exclusive and rare colors out! He sent us Ball Rigs in serum, blue dream, illuminati, lemon drop, rain drop, and other glass colors as well. Brent Martindale AKA Brent 503 makes absolute perfectly functioning and shaped ball rigs. These sell out extremely fast, grab one while you can.

Brent Martindale Ball Rigs For Sale
Sokol Glass has sent us a large order of the new labeled and colored Art of War dabbing rigs/mini tubes. They redesigned their bubblers and mini tubes, and they function even better!

 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2 Sokol Glass White Assassin Art Of War Bubbler w/ Illuminati Frit 14 MM Female #2    SOKOL GLASS WHITE ASSASSIN ART OF WAR BUBBLER W/ ILLUMINATI FRIT 14 MM FEMAL SOKOL GLASS CHARCOAL ART OF WAR MINI BUBBLER 14 MM F

Steve Sizelove and E.F. Norris went in on the Connoisseur Cup shown below. It consists of bubble trap sections done by Steve Sizelove and confetti colored retti patterns by E.F. Norris. There is also an illuminati retti which makes this beauty bling with the black light on it. Accented with 2 opals this piece is amazing. It comes with a custom cut pelican case.

Pyrology Glass sent us an order of their newest style rig the “Change Up”. It is a little chopper when ripping them! We have them in clear and one heady worked one, done in rain drop and illuminati glass.

pyrology glass change up rig for sale

Newport Butane has some new torches we loaded up on. The Newport Zero Torches are the best torches for their quality, warranty, and function. The Rasta colored torch and Gold Torches are flying off the shelves! These are 40% off so definitely add one to your cart.

Santa Cruz Shredder absolutely kills the game! They came out with a Omni Nail Quartz Dish for the RT (removable top) nail. This innovation has been a serious game changer. The RT Quartz Dish fits on the ceramic RT nail also.

Santa Cruz Shredder Omni Nail Quartz Dish for RT Nail
Our new offering in the Vape Pen department have expended. From Vape Ape, we now carry the Evol Vape Pen. It comes in a Vape Ape Stealth Kit which is a black tin that can fit in a back pocket or jacket. The Evol Vape in the Stealth kit is almost identical to the PUFF CO pen which is no longer produced. We also have the new Vape Ape Premium kits that come in a vacuum sealed jar.

Vape Ape Stealth Kit Evol Vape pen Vape Ape Vacuum seal kit
Our friends at Subherban Art dropped a new SubOhm series pen. The element in the pen and the low temp (sub ohm) make for a flavorful vape. It also comes in a hard shelled knock off pelican case.
We thank you for your business and hope you enjoy our sale and this year’s 4/20 celebrations. Feel free to send us any questions or comments on new products through our contact form.

January 11, 2016

Scoz Glass & New Products Starting off 2016 Proper @

We are starting 2016 off with a lot of new additions to We acquired some work from extremely heady artists and some new production work for the new year.

We are super excited to have gotten our Scoz Glass order in last week! Scoz is the ultimate dragon master, who makes the highest quality sculpted dragon rigs. He is the originator of Dragon rigs and if you want unprecedented quality in heady glass art, Scoz is definitely the artist for you.

Shown above is the Scoz Glass dragon we had made with custom colors for us. Blue dream base with purple and pink lollipop accents for the horns, scales, wings, and claws. Sporting a removable gold fumed marble in his right claw, this dragon has intrinsic beauty! At the end of the dragon's tail is a removable dabber that rests in the 14 MM male joint when not being used. This dragon sold the day we got it. They Retail for $5000, if you wish to inquire about a custom dragon and would like to put down a 50% deposit please inquire with us through the contact form

We additionally got some other amazing pieces from Scoz such as his Dragon Lord mini tubes. Shown below, these little jammers have a 10 MM female joint and make for amazing flavor savers!


The Dragon Lord on the left is slyme over crushed opal and the right is pink slyme over crushed opal. Each Dragon Lord rig comes with a coin opal on the top of the base and a beautiful spherical opal on the brace that bridges the base and joint. These rigs are magnificent works of art and come signed and dated by the artist.

Scoz sent us two Dragon Head Pendants also. Featured below is a pink slyme and purple lollipop dragon head, and a green stardust and slyme dragon head. The eyes are trippy on these guys!


We have a limited number of Scoz Glass hat pins, dab mats, and stickers also available for collectors and fans. Check out all the products at the Scoz Glass collection page.

Some additional items we locked down for 2016 are new quartz grail nails, bubble stick carb cap dabbers, Sokol Glass Illumniati frit Bushido Bubs, and new work from Mad Rob & Log Jam Glass (our local Denver artists).

The grail nails were made popular by Toro Glass. We have them both male and female fittings in 14 & 18 MM. These are really great functioning nails for experienced dabbers.

Our new bubble stick dabber and honey comb paddle carb cap dabbers have been selling extremely fast. We have over 50 available after our last order came in this week. Finding a color scheme you like or that matches your rig shouldn't be that hard.

Stay tuned for over the next few months, we have ball rigs and more coming to Also Mother Ship will be launching their new line called "Brother Ship" we should be getting an order in with them at AGE Las Vegas 2016. We will keep you updated! Be sure to follow us on instagram @TheDabStore to get live updates in your daily social media feed.

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