New 2017 Spring additions to

2017 has been a great year for us adding new heady glass and artists to our offerings. We have made some great scoops the past few months in terms of new glass artist and dabbing accessories. 

New Heady Glass Artists:

Flexer Jones has been accredited for his perfected 10 MM dewar tubes that shred like no other! We got an assortment of dope colors and are extremely happy to be caring his work. 

Flexer Jones 10 MM Dewar Tubes

Cello Glass was added to this past week. Cello has been accredited for great shaping and design on his rendition of his " Hole Rigs" which are modeled after JD Maplesden's "Wormhole" rigs. These come to the retail market at $600, if you looking for a phenomenal functioning wormhole in a dope color, check out Cello Glass!

Cello Glass 10 and 14 mm Holes

G Goody Glass (Grant Goody) is a top favorite of our 2017 new additions. G Goody is a new graduate of the Salem School of Glass in Southern NJ. His 10 MM micro banger hangers have beautiful hand tooled joints, accented opals, and the best color pulls available! He really takes time to craft these micros and puts a lot of love into them. The drops come and they sell quick so DO NOT sleep on these. Prices will be going up in the future on them to so if your in the market or looking for one, make moves now.

G Goody 10 MM Micro in GA terps color

Spring 2017 New Items Available 

Raza Boro 10 MM Sake Bottles - Raza Boro is a blower out of Hawaii who makes these extremely thick 10 MM Sake Bottles. Great pocket rigs and splash free, these bottle rigs for under $200 are legit. They have clear grommets (same as Krunk Uses) to complete the 10 MM female joints.

Raza Boro 10 MM Sake Bottle

The Mini Nail Enail Kit with a quartz hybrid dish, is an all encompassed set up for an electric nail for dabbing. This kit comes with a host of items to fit any fitting 10/14/18 Male & Female joints. Included in the kit are a Seattle Space Needle carb cap and dabber, quartz dish, titanium dish, and dab mat. This enail set up is one purchase away from getting you officially ready for low temp dabbing.

MiniNail Enail for purchase on

 Huffy Glass blessed us with some unbelievable colors on our most recent order. Check out a preview below of the Ghost OJ micro Jammer & dual arm Trophy Recycler. The custom color pull was done by PDX Tubing.

Ghost OJ PDX tubing by huffy glass

iDab Glass one of our longest lasting brand relationships sent us a bunch of new directional carb caps. We have them in several different styles and colors. Shown below are the Team Deathstar labeled directional carb caps and universal iDab Glass carb cap. On the right below is an all slyme mini tube directional carb cap. These move fast so if you see something you like scoop it up!

iDab Team Deathstar Carb CapsiDab Glass directional carb cap mini tube

There will be a lot more glass and new items to come for the summer, we hope we can accommodate for your collection and taste!


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