2021 Fall Sale for All Products on TheDabStore.com

As preface to this article and in the great name of American capitalism: We are stoked to announce our fall sale for all products has begun! Currently TheDabStore.com is discounting all items by 35-50%. 

Our stock of American made glass consists of the "OGs" of the industry. It has been an amazing evolution to be a part of, and we strive to provide only the finest quality work produced from its era.

In the past 8 years we have seen a major influx of import glass manufacturers flood the markets. Concepts created and perfected by dedicated craftsmen, have been knocked off and copied with no remorse or accreditation. Our selection is from vetted companies or individuals who do not violate the industries moral code.

The domestic glass scene provides a profitable industry for one of the country's remaining tradesmen. When you buy American you help an American family and allow for our country’s economy to benefit from it as well. 

Image of a cheap illadelph bong knock off, for sale online.

Featured above is a knock off Illadelph offered online for 5% of the original MSRP in 2006

Offsetting our generation's carbon footprint is also a driving force behind buying domestic made glass (and products in general). When purchasing glass shipped in pre packaged boxes in shipping containers from overseas, you are contributing to the global carbon emissions for modern consumer society. The methods of production in other countries are not regulated for environmental impact, fair trade, or modern employee provisions. 

Source materials and quality control are also impacted when purchasing import glass dabbing rigs. Using cheap glass and having poorly skilled workers construct items from that glass… makes for poorly quality glass. Joints, welds, and unions are often weaker and break after minimal usage. 

These factors should be considered when trying to determine which dabbing rig would be the best for you. Please think about what you support when you make a purchase in this realm or any for the matter.

Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts


owner at thedabstore.com