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Summer is Half way over and as sad as that sounds, there is some sweet to the sour. Our Summer Sale has been extended with 27% to 60% off all items. We have some staff hand picked items below of our top sellers, new items, and best deals!

A new addition and top seller is the iDab Glass 14 mm female jointed UFO rig. Featured below, iDab took a popular design and added a 14 MM female joint to accommodate for the most popular joint currently in production. For under $100, this American Made Glass can withstand the harshest of falls. 

iDab Glass 14 MM Female joint UFO Rig 

A new vape pen that we recently got in is the Flash Vape Pen. This vape pen comes with 3 different atomizers and has 3 different temp settings. This allows for the consumer to dial in and decide what temps and atomizers are best for their concentrates. It comes with the following atomizers: a dual quartz rod atomizer, a dual ceramic rod atomizer, and a ceramic halo dish. The best part is they are priced at the cost it would be for other vape pens. 

Dabado Flash Vape Pen

A staffer favorite and new item Hidden Headies Candles are selling fast! These candles are handmade in the USA and each candle contains a glass dabber, pendant, milli, or even a heady surprise! Of every batch made they sneak in a Mike Shelbo goblin milli, or Quave Club Banger... it smells amazing and the anticipation of discovering your Hidden Heady is fun in itself. These sell out quick, scoop one while you can.

Hidden Heady Candle

The boom in thermal quartz nails has incentivized us to bring you some heady thermal caps. We had 7Ten Glass and KMA Glass make us some heady thermal caps! Check the line up by clicking the photo below:

Heady Thermal Cap

 Another innovative cap with unprecedented headyness is the directional cap below we got from Gabrielle Halliday & Trav The Marble Man. This heady collab has some stunning gold fuming and mesmerizing work. It is on sale for a steal!


Our final pick is this new 7Ten Glass 6 mm Micro in Aqua Mist. This little guy is the best on the go flavor saver. Comes with its own custom banger bucket, this rig is an extremely good pick for a summer travel piece.

7Ten Glass 6 mm Micro rig

We hope you like our new items and staffer picks. Check out the entire website for all of our summer deals and new items!

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