420 Sale Kick Off!

The most celebrated time of year for our community is upon us... 4/20! We have started our 420 Sale for the month and have huge discounts. Some new heady glass and quartz style bangers have also been added to lace up our customers with the best gear.

The newest design from Staklo Glass with his perfectly sized Terp Jammer mini tubes. These come with a removable 10 MM down stem. When removed you can put any 14 MM male jointed nail or slide in. The Staklo Glass Terp Jammers are squaty little tubes with a two hole diffy perc. Def a must for any flavor smoker. 

Staklo Glass 10/14 MM F Terp Jammers

Matt Robertson (ME Glass Works) sent us one of each of the new Zoo Tubes he put out. These Zoo Tubes by Matt Robertson have Girrafe, Cow, or Zebra patterns for the neck, a colored lip wrap, and a custom stamp on the back of each. Zoo Tubes are a budget friendly option for a Matt Robertson daily driver piece. 

Matt Robertson Zoo Tube

We have two new pieces from E.F. Norris. One of the best glass artists out of philly blessed us with a Brozay Connoisseur Cup & a Purple Rain/Crippy Connoisseur Cup recycler. These two both comes in signed pelican cases. 

E.F. Norris Connoisseur Cup RecyclerE.F. Norris Brozay Connoisseur Cup

 Topher Glass sent us a set of his Micro Kleins. These Kleins are so small and function amazing! They are extremely hard to make, but he manages to replicate his quality in each one time and time again. These are hard to find grab one if you can!

Topher Glass Micro Kleins

 We added a lot of new accessories for terp enhancement! We have several different directional carb caps to fit XL and regular Quave Club Bangers. Shown below are the Mason Caps we scooped last week that have amazing function:

Mason Cap Directional Carb CapMason Cap Directional Carb Cap

Other new products such as iDab directional carb caps, rosin press bags, and drop downs can be found at our accessories page:

We got  a hold of a few thermal bangers! Grab one before there gone:

The new addition to our site that everyone is talking about is our new Rosin Press! We have a Rosin Press offered to the public for light commercial and personal use. Check this product out and see if getting your own press is a viable option:

Rosin Press at

Lastly we will mention is the Puffco Plus + and Puffco Pro 2 vape pens we added last month. The Puffco Pen is an award winning pen with ceramic atomizers to truly unleash the flavors your concentrates have to offer. We have both available now as the only online retailer!

Puffco Plus vape pen

We hope you enjoy our most celebrated month! Here is a promo code 420SALE for free domestic shipping through 4/21. Get that gear :)


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