2017 New Heady Glass for sale at TheDabStore.com

We are off to a great start this year after making our rounds to the glass trade shows and events! We have new heady pieces for sale and great high quality production pieces that can accommodate for any dabbers budget.

Our first drop of 2017 Staklo Glass Recyclers showed up and has been selling quickly. Staklo Glass makes some of the best functioning recyclers in the game. These $1200 recyclers function like 20K rigs, for a fraction of the cost. Currently we have the following colors left: BlueV, North Star Cherry, Slyme, Pink Lollipop w/ Crushed Opals, Glacier Blue, Green Stardust, and Lemon Drop. 

Green Stardust Staklo Recycler

At AGE 2017 Las Vegas we picked up a lot of new heady dab rigs. We copped work from artist like: Zach P (ouchkick), Niko Cray, Topher Glass, JOP!, E.F. Norris, and Firefly Glass.

Zach P blessed us with an all Raindop Toilet Bowl Recycler. The function on these is so legit! It comes ti signed with a 10 MM male Quave Quartz Club Banger.

Zach P Raindrop 10 MM Toilet Bowl Recycler

Niko Cray is one of our favorite glass artists and we had an opportunity to scoop up this dope Shark Collab with Trenton Glass. It sold instantly but we have to give it the publicity it deserves!

Niko Cray x Trenton Glass shark collab

Topher Glass has an order of 4 mini kleins we will be getting any day now. Look for them to be added to TheDabStore.com week one of March! 

JOP! Glass rolled us an order of 3 Heart Carb Cap/Pendants, that are very reasonably priced. Being one of the best glass artists in the game, we are honored to have some of JOP!'s work at TheDabStore.com.

JOP! Heart Carb Cap / Pendants

Firefly Glass has been a very sought after artist we finally got on TheDabStore.com. We have a 10 MM Gorilla Banger Hanger from Firefly Glass with super gnarly color pulls, opals, and more. This is by far one of the best deals we have on the site!

Firefly glass banger hanger forsale

Lastly for the most recent headies we got this month, is this stunning E.F. Norris Connoisseur Cup in Northstar Experimental #32. This rig goes from a yellow candy color to a pinkish red from the CFL color change. This rig comes in a pelican case and with a matching banger blanket. You can see the color differenes in the photos below:

E.F. Norris Cup Recycler in North Star Glass Experimental #32E.F. Norris Cup Recycler in North Star Glass Experimental #32

 In addition to all these headies we got, we have some amazing new pieces from Huffy Glass, 7Ten Glass, and Zach Landry Glass. We are fully stocked on Quave Club Bangers in XXL and Regular. We also have a bunch of Sugar Cube Quartz Bowls, Cubes and quartz Thermal Nails.

 Another note worthy addition to TheDabStore.com is the new Puffco + Plus pen and Puffco Pro 2. The Puffco Pro 2 vape pen is the best pen on the market under $90. The Puffco Plus + vape pen is the best pen on the market PERIOD! It has a great warranty plan and the most amazing flavor. Grab one now before they sell out! 

Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts


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