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June 01, 2015

Faberge Eggs At

Several Glass artists have recently been venturing out to create their own Faberge Egg dabbing rigs. Mothership Glass the originator of the Fab Egg, has been the pioneer of this design, but like many others, it eventually gets replicated. We have been on the hunt for some quality Fab Eggs that don't require a mortgage to buy. Below are some of the glass artist that uphold the quality and design needed for a fab egg, while not breaking the bank. 

Mad Rob - Mad Rob Glass is putting out impeccable Fab Eggs. With custom color pulls and eggs having up to 41 holes, he is really putting out some phenomenal stuff. Shown Below is a medium sized pink slyme Fab Egg dab rig.


The smaller fab egg Mad Rob has been making, is a great hand held dab rig shown below in slyme, this rig is amazing!

Terry Sharp - Terry has been making fully colored and worked Fab Eggs for 8 months now. His Fab eggs have really evolved to be magnificent pieces that have great shape and function to them. His use of full color in most of his eggs makes for a distinct look. Below is a full color lemon drop fab egg by Terry Sharp for sale now on


Logjam Glass - Log Jam is an up and coming artist in the Denver area. He has forged his own variation of the Faberge egg. Logjam Glass's Mutant Fab Egg is a fab egg blown with a straight tube shape rather an egg. His design has been very popular based on the function and $500 price range. Below is a pink slyme over slyme Mutant Fab Egg by  Logjam Glass

We have chosen these artists based on the design of their fab egg dab rigs, and the functionality. We hope you can find one you like, if you have any questions please email us!

February 01, 2015

New Products for 2015!

2015  has begun with several new brands and products for   We will also be offering the chance to purchase Gift Cards because we know how hard it is to shop for other people, especially when it comes down to something that is very personal like a glass dabbing rig.  

We attended the American Glass Expo in Las Vegas. We managed to scoop up a wide range of new products;  everything from the more budget friendly brands such as iDab and Wicked Sands to some of the higher end production companies like Eric Ross 4.0 and Evol Empire. We also managed to pick up some art focused pieces from artists like Shackman and Darby.

Hitman Glass will be offering the entire Hitman Glass 2015 product lineup! Featured below is are two collabs we picked up. Both with artists our of cool complex in NY, Ski Mask Glass & Slum Gold. 

First piece we have in the 2015 Hitman Glass lineup is the Steve Bates x Hitman Series 1 Hammerhead Grenade Rig.  Steve was Hitman's very first glassblower when they started up some years ago in New England. Since then Steve has gone on to create some of the wildest and most innovative creations in the glass industry. Steve is known for his extreme technical skills and the ability to push the envelope in terms of what is possible with glass. Steve and Hitman are again pushing the envelope for 2015;  the new Hammerhead perc to Grenade perc is one of the best functioning pieces we have ever used. Each piece comes with a custom printed box with a laser cut foam interior for maximum security.  

Next up from Hitman is another collab with every dabbers favorite rapper, Action Bronson. Hitman and Action Bronson teamed up to create another innovative product. Inspired by his inner foodie, Action Bronson wanted a percolator that looked like the top of a grill. After months of prototyping and R&D, Hitman finally dialed in the perfect perc for this unique sidecar. The functionality on these pieces are fantastic.

Another collaboration that was released this year is between Hitman and the lifestyle brand Cookies. Combining Cookies world class designers and Hitman's technical ability, these two companies were able to push out some aesthetically awesome pieces with amazing functionality.  We will be carrying a wide range of Hitman x Cookies dab rigs.  

One of the most successful collabs for Hitman in 2014 was with Evol Glass.  Evol turned the glass world upside down in 2013 with the release of their wildly successful Dabuccino rigs.  One of the hottest selling products over the last 2 years, Evol has decided to take the Dabuccino rigs to another level in 2015.  The Series 2 Dabuccino's will actually be Klein recyclers and they are limited to 500 worldwide. As with the Steve Bates collabs, the Evol collabs will also come with a custom printed box with a laser cut foam interior.  Each piece is hand numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  

We will be carrying various other Hitman collab rigs. We will have collabs from Sokol Glass, Ski Mask, and Slum Gold just to name a few.  Keep an eye out over the next year for these awesome collabs.


Darby Holm (DC Glass)

We managed to restock on DC Glass 10 MM Mini Cricket pendant rigs. We also received a fully worked Mini Cricket 10 mm pendant rig done in purple lilac & dark amathyst.


Eric Ross 4.0

Another major innovator in the glass industry, Eric Ross has been dropping some of the sickest production pieces over the last few years.  We are very happy to be able to offer his work to our customers.  We have a few full size 14 MM Fourtex recyclers in, with the expanded product line coming later this year.

Shackman Glass

Hailing from our home state of Colorado, Shackman Glass is known for his artistic approach to functional glass.  Drawing inspiration from the beautiful ecosystem of Colorado, Shackman has developed a very unique style with a heavy emphasis on nature.  His pieces often contain Owls along with various nature scenes.  We managed to pick up some mini tubes and sculpted Owl rigs from the American Glass Expo.




October 23, 2014

New Arrivals and Holiday Sale at

We attended several trade shows this summer and fall to seek out new glass artist and place orders with our long time friendors (friends + vendors). We have added a lot of new items this summer and we hope we can accommodate for all your dabbing needs.

Our glass game has stepped up with the addition of several new pieces. We have Hitman x Evol Dabbucinos coming in next week in 14 mm & 10 mm. Hitman Glass laced us up with some baby cakes and more Phase II dab rigs. We also received one of the last Hitman Glass X Aaron Sokol – Art of War Sidecars. Equipped with a samurai dabber and Hammerhead perk, it shouldn’t be long til it’s gone.

Pyrology Glass got us a large order of their newest 10 mm micro recycler, dubbed the “Dime Piece” by the Pyrology team. It will satisfy anyone’s need for a recycler big or small. We got a few Pyrology Glass D-cyclers too. They function amazing and come with a 18 mm female joint so you can put your e-nail right in.

d-cycler for sale by Pyrology Glass

Our Silika Glass fam has kept us in stock with their Honey Bee line. We have Honey Bee Sherlocks that come with a custom drop down, which is a really good deal for the quality and love put into it. The beaker tubes are great in functionality and price also.

Silika glass Sherklock w/ Drop Down

Peter Muller blessed us with one of our favorite pieces yet! The Peter Muller x Rob Morrison – Cookie Monster Voodoo rig is absolutely amazing. In addition to this custom we purchased several other voodoo stich rigs to choose from.

Young Sokol has new clear Mini Bangerz and sword pendants we will be getting next week. Also several mini tubes and other products from his new line.

Omni Nail by Santa Cruz Shredder is now available in our titanium nail offerings. They are raved about by those who have had the pleasure of using them and we stand by their quality. Also we did a full restock on Pukin Beagle Quartz nails, for a non-titanium alternative.

We have several custom enail/dnails for sale by High Tech Titanium. They are American Made, compact, durable, and the custom graphics are so dope! Definitely a legit enail if you are looking to buy one.

For the rest of October make sure to take advantage of our 13% off Halloween Sale. We will be doing another one for Black Friday and Cyber Monday next month. Let us know if you have questions or comments! Stay Lifted –

October 02, 2014

Size Fitting & Usage of Glass Drops Downs for Dabbing

Drop downs are an important item to have when protecting your rig from the consistent high temp and stress a hot nail puts on the joint. has a variety of different fittings for drop downs to keep your asset protected. Here we will explain how they are used and how to identify which fittings you will need.

Drop downs are glass attachments that fit on the joint of your rig to allow for an enail or nail of your choosing to fit onto the other end. We recommend always using a drop down with an enail, but is optional for standard direct inject male jointed rigs. Illustrated below is an enail insert in a female joint. On the other end of the drop down you can see it has a 14 mm female joint going on to the rig's 14 mm male joint

Labeled model below

Drop downs come in multiple different fittings. A male joint labeled on the rig above is the part that inserts into the female joint of the drop down (just think of human anatomy, males fit into females).

The rig above has a 14 mm male joint, it is going into a 14 mm female joint on the drop down. The enail insert in the 1st photo is sitting in an 18 mm  female joint.

If you own a rig with a 14 mm male joint, buy a drop down with a 14 mm FEMALE joint. The other end of the drop down is decided based upon what you are using it for. Above we used a 18 mm FEMALE joint on the other end of the drop down to accommodate for the enail insert which fits in 18 mm female and 14 mm female joitns.  Enail inserts are best in a 18 mm female joint. 

If you want to use a 14 or 18 titanium domeless nail made for a direct inject rig, the drop down must have a 14 or 18 mm male joint for it fit on. Shown below is the iDab Glass drop down that would be used for a 14 mm male jointed rig and 14 mm domeless nail for a male joint (direct inject). 

idab glass 14 mm female to 14 mm male

We carry iDab Glass J arm drop downs & Silika Glass worked and clear drop downs. If you need help determining what fitting would be best for your rig please email us. 

August 19, 2014

Dab Store Back To School Sale 8/19 to 9/1/2014

We started our back to school sale for all titanium, glass, and quartz, on We marked every item down 15% to provide some amazing steals on our heady glass and production items. 

Over the next month we will be adding a few new brands to get a better selection for the holiday season. High Tech Glass will be shipping an order of some of the new items and other production glass they have next month.

Sokol is getting us more art of war tubes, mini bangers, and art of war side cars. They are a top seller so if they come available make sure you jump on it. Arron Sokol's work is becoming a popular collectors item with limited supply.

Arron Sokol Art of Ware Rig For Sale

Grav Labs has a new production line with Snic Barnes that will be coming to the site in mid September. Nano rigs, recyclers, pendant rigs... they have it all. We will be sure to make announcements once these arrive.

The much anticipated Pyrology Glass Dime Piece mini 10 mm Recycler are stocked on We had a long wait for these and got a bunch. The function on these is absolutely amazing. Also the Young Cricket & Riglet are two low budget items, with the quality name of Pyrology Glass.

Pyrology Glass Dime Piece 10 mm Recycler

For the budget rigs we also recommend Silka, Wicked Sands, and iDab. All american blown glass out of California. Great rigs for $100-200.

June 16, 2014 new items has scooped up some in demand items this past month. We have gotten some of the new Hive Ceramics carb caps, dabbers, and ceramic nails, also new Pyrology glass heady pieces, Silika rigs, and more. seeks out the best of American blown glass. Pyrology glass put out a es Snic Barnes collab on their recycler design. The electroforming and Pyrology insignia combined with the functionality of this rig makes for the ultimate heady piece. was offered this rig and we couldn't turn it down.

Hive ceramic nails and carb caps are the most innovative nails on the market right now. is one of the only online vendors who are authorized to retail them. The taste on these non pours pure ceramic nails is unreal. will continue to stay stocked with the newest products from Hive Ceramics as they come out.

hive cermaic carb cap the dab store thedabstore.comHive ceramic 10mm domeless nail the dab store

Wicked sands has been sand blasting some dope designs for We have themes like Breaking Bad rigs, Sons Of Anarchy rigs, Bass Nector rigs, and various others. The Dab Store also has our own sandblasted rigs coming in next week, they will be priced right for anyone one who wants to show their Dab Store pride.

We got the most current model of the best enail/dnail on the market. High Tech Titanium put out the Honey Highve V2, which is an all American made product with durability like no other. They heat up quick, hold temps perfectly, and come with hand painted art work on each. If you are in the market for an enail, dnail, electric nail of any sort, check out the Honey Highve.

dnail enail thedabstore for sale dab store

The Dab Store still has various heady pick ups from Ski Mask Glass, Peter Muller, Silika, JAG, Sokol, Anodyne, and serveral others. Make sure you take a look at our complete collection under Vapor Rigs, to see all the available pieces.

May 30, 2014 HEADY PICK UPS!!!!

 The past few months our orders from AGE Las Vegas, AGE Denver, and Champs, have been rolling in steady. Below are some updates of the hottest glass and new items we have.

Pete Muller Stitch rigs just got posted today. He teamed up with Armor Glass to bring his beautiful style to life in a mini rig perfect for dabbing. They look like a work from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and function amazingly.

Peter Muller Stitch Rigs

Knine Tubes got us a fresh batch of Tea Cup & Chuwawa rigs. They are the perfect functioning pendant rig that comes in beautiful colors. If you are in the market for a pendant rig, definitely check them out.

Our favorite grimy greezy and always keeping it sleazy brand Ski Mask Glass dropped a whole bunch of heady pieces on us. We got the new Spray Can Banger oil rig from Ski mask. We got a full restock on Pole Jam rigs with different graphics and colors. These come fitted perfectly with a cage perk.

 Additional we got two of our personal favorites; the Glass Freaker Beaker and the Ski Mask Oil Spill recycler (shown above). There is no doubt that these guys know whats really good in the glass game. If you are in the market for a super heady rig look no further.

Another heady addition is our Sokol Glass Mini Bangers. These 10mm beasts are come in the assassin tube white accented with blood splatter and Sokol’s signature Manderine Chinese writing. Each come with a detachable granede with matching dome in purple rain, lemon drop, and slyme.

Sokol also got us his art of war side car rigs. They come with a sword dabber and matching dome. Also included is a quartz nail and scroll with a reading from the master piece Art of War. They come in specially made box to house all your items in a custom foam cut out. These are a must for any glass collector who can’t spend over $1,000.

Our final addition for this month is the Nectar Collector Version 2.0 Vapor Straw. These beauties are just a great item to have on your desk or table for a great way to vape. The water chamber stays filled level unless turned upside down, and the quartz or titanium tips heat up really quick.

Our final heady pic up of the month are the High Tech Titanium Honey Highve enails. The enail, dnail, or as they call it Honey Highve, are a great way to vape with out a torch.

These are 100% made in America and are built to last. The V2 mini Honey Highve comes with a one year warranty and has been perfected in there experience in making enails.

Please feel free to message us if you have questions on any of our products or there is something you need help finding.

Stay waxy, stay weird, stay happy! –