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We attended several trade shows this summer and fall to seek out new glass artist and place orders with our long time friendors (friends + vendors). We have added a lot of new items this summer and we hope we can accommodate for all your dabbing needs.

Our glass game has stepped up with the addition of several new pieces. We have Hitman x Evol Dabbucinos coming in next week in 14 mm & 10 mm. Hitman Glass laced us up with some baby cakes and more Phase II dab rigs. We also received one of the last Hitman Glass X Aaron Sokol – Art of War Sidecars. Equipped with a samurai dabber and Hammerhead perk, it shouldn’t be long til it’s gone.

Pyrology Glass got us a large order of their newest 10 mm micro recycler, dubbed the “Dime Piece” by the Pyrology team. It will satisfy anyone’s need for a recycler big or small. We got a few Pyrology Glass D-cyclers too. They function amazing and come with a 18 mm female joint so you can put your e-nail right in.

d-cycler for sale by Pyrology Glass

Our Silika Glass fam has kept us in stock with their Honey Bee line. We have Honey Bee Sherlocks that come with a custom drop down, which is a really good deal for the quality and love put into it. The beaker tubes are great in functionality and price also.

Silika glass Sherklock w/ Drop Down

Peter Muller blessed us with one of our favorite pieces yet! The Peter Muller x Rob Morrison – Cookie Monster Voodoo rig is absolutely amazing. In addition to this custom we purchased several other voodoo stich rigs to choose from.

Young Sokol has new clear Mini Bangerz and sword pendants we will be getting next week. Also several mini tubes and other products from his new line.

Omni Nail by Santa Cruz Shredder is now available in our titanium nail offerings. They are raved about by those who have had the pleasure of using them and we stand by their quality. Also we did a full restock on Pukin Beagle Quartz nails, for a non-titanium alternative.

We have several custom enail/dnails for sale by High Tech Titanium. They are American Made, compact, durable, and the custom graphics are so dope! Definitely a legit enail if you are looking to buy one.

For the rest of October make sure to take advantage of our 13% off Halloween Sale. We will be doing another one for Black Friday and Cyber Monday next month. Let us know if you have questions or comments! Stay Lifted –

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