Size Fitting & Usage of Glass Drops Downs for Dabbing

Drop downs are an important item to have when protecting your rig from the consistent high temp and stress a hot nail puts on the joint. has a variety of different fittings for drop downs to keep your asset protected. Here we will explain how they are used and how to identify which fittings you will need.

Drop downs are glass attachments that fit on the joint of your rig to allow for an enail or nail of your choosing to fit onto the other end. We recommend always using a drop down with an enail, but is optional for standard direct inject male jointed rigs. Illustrated below is an enail insert in a female joint. On the other end of the drop down you can see it has a 14 mm female joint going on to the rig's 14 mm male joint

Labeled model below

Drop downs come in multiple different fittings. A male joint labeled on the rig above is the part that inserts into the female joint of the drop down (just think of human anatomy, males fit into females).

The rig above has a 14 mm male joint, it is going into a 14 mm female joint on the drop down. The enail insert in the 1st photo is sitting in an 18 mm  female joint.

If you own a rig with a 14 mm male joint, buy a drop down with a 14 mm FEMALE joint. The other end of the drop down is decided based upon what you are using it for. Above we used a 18 mm FEMALE joint on the other end of the drop down to accommodate for the enail insert which fits in 18 mm female and 14 mm female joitns.  Enail inserts are best in a 18 mm female joint. 

If you want to use a 14 or 18 titanium domeless nail made for a direct inject rig, the drop down must have a 14 or 18 mm male joint for it fit on. Shown below is the iDab Glass drop down that would be used for a 14 mm male jointed rig and 14 mm domeless nail for a male joint (direct inject). 

idab glass 14 mm female to 14 mm male

We carry iDab Glass J arm drop downs & Silika Glass worked and clear drop downs. If you need help determining what fitting would be best for your rig please email us. 

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