Dab Store Back To School Sale 8/19 to 9/1/2014

We started our back to school sale for all titanium, glass, and quartz, on TheDabStore.com. We marked every item down 15% to provide some amazing steals on our heady glass and production items. 

Over the next month we will be adding a few new brands to get a better selection for the holiday season. High Tech Glass will be shipping an order of some of the new items and other production glass they have next month.

Sokol is getting us more art of war tubes, mini bangers, and art of war side cars. They are a top seller so if they come available make sure you jump on it. Arron Sokol's work is becoming a popular collectors item with limited supply.

Arron Sokol Art of Ware Rig For Sale

Grav Labs has a new production line with Snic Barnes that will be coming to the site in mid September. Nano rigs, recyclers, pendant rigs... they have it all. We will be sure to make announcements once these arrive.

The much anticipated Pyrology Glass Dime Piece mini 10 mm Recycler are stocked on thedabstore.com. We had a long wait for these and got a bunch. The function on these is absolutely amazing. Also the Young Cricket & Riglet are two low budget items, with the quality name of Pyrology Glass.

Pyrology Glass Dime Piece 10 mm Recycler

For the budget rigs we also recommend Silka, Wicked Sands, and iDab. All american blown glass out of California. Great rigs for $100-200.

Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts


owner at thedabstore.com