New Products for 2015!

2015  has begun with several new brands and products for   We will also be offering the chance to purchase Gift Cards because we know how hard it is to shop for other people, especially when it comes down to something that is very personal like a glass dabbing rig.  

We attended the American Glass Expo in Las Vegas. We managed to scoop up a wide range of new products;  everything from the more budget friendly brands such as iDab and Wicked Sands to some of the higher end production companies like Eric Ross 4.0 and Evol Empire. We also managed to pick up some art focused pieces from artists like Shackman and Darby.

Hitman Glass will be offering the entire Hitman Glass 2015 product lineup! Featured below is are two collabs we picked up. Both with artists our of cool complex in NY, Ski Mask Glass & Slum Gold. 

First piece we have in the 2015 Hitman Glass lineup is the Steve Bates x Hitman Series 1 Hammerhead Grenade Rig.  Steve was Hitman's very first glassblower when they started up some years ago in New England. Since then Steve has gone on to create some of the wildest and most innovative creations in the glass industry. Steve is known for his extreme technical skills and the ability to push the envelope in terms of what is possible with glass. Steve and Hitman are again pushing the envelope for 2015;  the new Hammerhead perc to Grenade perc is one of the best functioning pieces we have ever used. Each piece comes with a custom printed box with a laser cut foam interior for maximum security.  

Next up from Hitman is another collab with every dabbers favorite rapper, Action Bronson. Hitman and Action Bronson teamed up to create another innovative product. Inspired by his inner foodie, Action Bronson wanted a percolator that looked like the top of a grill. After months of prototyping and R&D, Hitman finally dialed in the perfect perc for this unique sidecar. The functionality on these pieces are fantastic.

Another collaboration that was released this year is between Hitman and the lifestyle brand Cookies. Combining Cookies world class designers and Hitman's technical ability, these two companies were able to push out some aesthetically awesome pieces with amazing functionality.  We will be carrying a wide range of Hitman x Cookies dab rigs.  

One of the most successful collabs for Hitman in 2014 was with Evol Glass.  Evol turned the glass world upside down in 2013 with the release of their wildly successful Dabuccino rigs.  One of the hottest selling products over the last 2 years, Evol has decided to take the Dabuccino rigs to another level in 2015.  The Series 2 Dabuccino's will actually be Klein recyclers and they are limited to 500 worldwide. As with the Steve Bates collabs, the Evol collabs will also come with a custom printed box with a laser cut foam interior.  Each piece is hand numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  

We will be carrying various other Hitman collab rigs. We will have collabs from Sokol Glass, Ski Mask, and Slum Gold just to name a few.  Keep an eye out over the next year for these awesome collabs.


Darby Holm (DC Glass)

We managed to restock on DC Glass 10 MM Mini Cricket pendant rigs. We also received a fully worked Mini Cricket 10 mm pendant rig done in purple lilac & dark amathyst.


Eric Ross 4.0

Another major innovator in the glass industry, Eric Ross has been dropping some of the sickest production pieces over the last few years.  We are very happy to be able to offer his work to our customers.  We have a few full size 14 MM Fourtex recyclers in, with the expanded product line coming later this year.

Shackman Glass

Hailing from our home state of Colorado, Shackman Glass is known for his artistic approach to functional glass.  Drawing inspiration from the beautiful ecosystem of Colorado, Shackman has developed a very unique style with a heavy emphasis on nature.  His pieces often contain Owls along with various nature scenes.  We managed to pick up some mini tubes and sculpted Owl rigs from the American Glass Expo.