Faberge Eggs At TheDabStore.com

Several Glass artists have recently been venturing out to create their own Faberge Egg dabbing rigs. Mothership Glass the originator of the Fab Egg, has been the pioneer of this design, but like many others, it eventually gets replicated. We have been on the hunt for some quality Fab Eggs that don't require a mortgage to buy. Below are some of the glass artist that uphold the quality and design needed for a fab egg, while not breaking the bank. 

Mad Rob - Mad Rob Glass is putting out impeccable Fab Eggs. With custom color pulls and eggs having up to 41 holes, he is really putting out some phenomenal stuff. Shown Below is a medium sized pink slyme Fab Egg dab rig.


The smaller fab egg Mad Rob has been making, is a great hand held dab rig shown below in slyme, this rig is amazing!

Terry Sharp - Terry has been making fully colored and worked Fab Eggs for 8 months now. His Fab eggs have really evolved to be magnificent pieces that have great shape and function to them. His use of full color in most of his eggs makes for a distinct look. Below is a full color lemon drop fab egg by Terry Sharp for sale now on thedabstore.com.


Logjam Glass - Log Jam is an up and coming artist in the Denver area. He has forged his own variation of the Faberge egg. Logjam Glass's Mutant Fab Egg is a fab egg blown with a straight tube shape rather an egg. His design has been very popular based on the function and $500 price range. Below is a pink slyme over slyme Mutant Fab Egg by  Logjam Glass

We have chosen these artists based on the design of their fab egg dab rigs, and the functionality. We hope you can find one you like, if you have any questions please email us!



Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts


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