The evolution of Quartz Nails in Dabbing

Quartz nails have been an option for dabbing since it has gained popularity in 2010. The evolution of quartz products for dabbing has brought about an onslaught of options. Below we will review the evolution of quartz products and the pros and cons of each.

Quartz flat head nail – The quartz flat head nails pictured below is the OG of quartz nails. They were easily made by blowers and had a simple design. A lot of glass companies would use the flat head as an add on when selling pieces to shops. They would complement the piece nicely and were an extremely cheap alternative to titanium.

The Quartz flat head nail is probably not the best option. They dissipate concentrate sometimes causing it to drip down the joint. Aside from being a waste, this also makes for the need to clean it more. Unless you take miniscule dabs or are selling a piece and need a quartz nail as an add on option… this is not the best choice.

Quartz Cupped Nail – The design flaw mentioned above was soon recognized in flat head nails and quartz blowers evolved to make a cupped surface to contain concentrates upon vaporizing them. Instead of concentrate dissipating off the sides, the cupped nail contained it, making for a vapor pool effect on the inside of the cup.

This was a great innovation that made quartz a great option. It is still a popular option, but of course there is always room for improvement. The downside was these nails cooled quick cause they are still used with a dome and are limited in width and density. So the quartz blowers went back to the drawing board for a better design! This is still a good option for someone who takes small dabs or doesn’t dab often.

Quartz Domeless Nail – The quartz domeless nail was born from the need for a larger dabbing surface and the ease of not needing a dome. They had longer heat retention also making it the most appealing quartz option of its time. This is a great option and shouldn’t be discounted for being plain.

Quartz honey Buckets – Honey Buckets came about by Mother Ship Glass. Shown below is a honey bucket, but it is not made by Mother Ship. They are the originators of the design that takes a bucket that is heated, then using a swing arm, is lowered into an enclosed dome before dropping your dab.

The Quartz honey bucket is a really cool design, and makes for added convenience of having a one piece option for dabbing (VS a nail and dome). Honey buckets will never go out of style from the popularity of Mother Ship Glass and also its ease of use.

Quartz Banger – This is the most relatively new option in quartz. The “Quartz Club Banger” made popular by creator Quave Glass, has gained immense popularity over the last year. This prevalent option for dabbing is definitely efficient. There is no loss of concentrate, the surface area allows for just enough sprawl of your material to evenly vape away the layers or pool you lay down.

The Quartz Club Banger or more commonly known as a “Banger” is currently the most popular option. This may be from its effectiveness or from its hype. Either way, weed snob or your average stoner, this option won’t disappoint.

There are new designs coming out that are domeless enclosures, which are cool in concept and efficient, but haven’t gained as much popularity as the fore mentioned options. Below shows a Mario mushroom head or Darth Vader mask looking Quartz domeless enclosed nail. You drop your concentrate in the opening on the side and the self-contained enclose helps hold heat and also carb you hit.

Quartz is definitely a popular option in dabbing VS titanium. The evolution of quartz products will continue as dabbing gains more popularity and more design options are created.

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