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May 30, 2014 HEADY PICK UPS!!!!

 The past few months our orders from AGE Las Vegas, AGE Denver, and Champs, have been rolling in steady. Below are some updates of the hottest glass and new items we have.

Pete Muller Stitch rigs just got posted today. He teamed up with Armor Glass to bring his beautiful style to life in a mini rig perfect for dabbing. They look like a work from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and function amazingly.

Peter Muller Stitch Rigs

Knine Tubes got us a fresh batch of Tea Cup & Chuwawa rigs. They are the perfect functioning pendant rig that comes in beautiful colors. If you are in the market for a pendant rig, definitely check them out.

Our favorite grimy greezy and always keeping it sleazy brand Ski Mask Glass dropped a whole bunch of heady pieces on us. We got the new Spray Can Banger oil rig from Ski mask. We got a full restock on Pole Jam rigs with different graphics and colors. These come fitted perfectly with a cage perk.

 Additional we got two of our personal favorites; the Glass Freaker Beaker and the Ski Mask Oil Spill recycler (shown above). There is no doubt that these guys know whats really good in the glass game. If you are in the market for a super heady rig look no further.

Another heady addition is our Sokol Glass Mini Bangers. These 10mm beasts are come in the assassin tube white accented with blood splatter and Sokol’s signature Manderine Chinese writing. Each come with a detachable granede with matching dome in purple rain, lemon drop, and slyme.

Sokol also got us his art of war side car rigs. They come with a sword dabber and matching dome. Also included is a quartz nail and scroll with a reading from the master piece Art of War. They come in specially made box to house all your items in a custom foam cut out. These are a must for any glass collector who can’t spend over $1,000.

Our final addition for this month is the Nectar Collector Version 2.0 Vapor Straw. These beauties are just a great item to have on your desk or table for a great way to vape. The water chamber stays filled level unless turned upside down, and the quartz or titanium tips heat up really quick.

Our final heady pic up of the month are the High Tech Titanium Honey Highve enails. The enail, dnail, or as they call it Honey Highve, are a great way to vape with out a torch.

These are 100% made in America and are built to last. The V2 mini Honey Highve comes with a one year warranty and has been perfected in there experience in making enails.

Please feel free to message us if you have questions on any of our products or there is something you need help finding.

Stay waxy, stay weird, stay happy! –  

April 07, 2014 New Items & 420 Sale

Our 4/20 sale started in the beginning of this month. We have been uniting dabbers all over the country with their new additions. We have also been stocking up on all our favorite brands and new products for 2014.

We have a very large order from Steve Beer coming in this week that will be available for the ending two weeks of our 4/20 sale. We have drip rigs, pendent rigs, and dressed Beer Glass rigs. The selection will be very large, but we recommend purchasing it when you can before they sell out.

Steve Beer Glass Purple Rain Drip Rig, Drip rig,

K-Nine Tubes has a fresh batch of Tea Cup pendant rigs in purple rain, sublime, green stardust, elvis red, slyme, hateraid, colbalt, and several more dope colors. K-Nine Tubes makes very solid production glass out of Oregon and we are thrilled to finally carry them on

Mad Rob has been pumping out clear Microns with castle percs that have been flying off the shelf. To own a piece like this for under $150 is amazing, if they are stocked and you are interested, jump on it. He also just made us an amazing Green Stardust Re-circ with 7 opals! (pics coming soon)

Mad Rob Clear Micron with Castle Perk

($125 on Sale til 4-20) has had a healthy stock of Pyrology Glass this year. We expanded our line up to offer the 14 mm sizing for one of their award winning Riglet. We always recommend Pyrology Glass to anyone who is looking for a quality piece with good functionality. Best daily drivers you can ask for!

We got a new order from Silika including Silika Carb Caps, Silika Side Arm Domeless Nails, and Silika Dabbers.

Silika Carb Cap and dabber, silika carb cap

Titanium dabbers, nails, and carb caps are on the way from Ti Power, High Tech Titanium, and Dab Essentials. We will be completely stocked in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm domeless/adjustable nails by Friday.

Over the next 2 weeks we will be stocking more Ski Mask Glass, Wicked Sands Glass, Boom Felazi, Hitman Glass, Anodyne Glass, and Sokol Glass. Rigs are moving fast for this sale, so we encourage you to take advantage of it while its running.

We will also be attending the BIG Galleria and American Glass Expo trade shows this month. We are expecting to pick up some new hot brands and products, so make sure you check back on a regular basis.

Stay Concentrated!

March 13, 2014 Heady Collabs and New Pendants for sale has ever been expanding our heady glass selection. We scooped up a lot of quality brands and customs, in addition to the awesome pendants we will be adding in the next few months to come. 

Our Pyrology Glass collection highlights some of the sick collabs we have been able to procure over the last few weeks. Our Pyrology X JAG (Just Another Glassblower) riglet collab has amazingly detailed work in 24K Gold. The piece was featured in Philadelphia’s Front St Gallery at the "Aphillyated" show and was a must to buy.

Pyrology x JAG riglet 24k gold for sale

We have acquired 2 Zach Puchoqitz rigs; both are Pyrology Glass collabs that combine the perfect functionality and quality of a Pyrology, with the artistic abilities of Zach P.   The Pyrology recycler is the best functioning recycler we have yet to water test; adding the work of Zach P. takes it up another notch.  

Aaron Sokol is another artist whom we have acquired some heady pieces from. We love the new Assassin Series of mini tubes he has released. We also have a shipment of his 10 MM Grenade Mini Bangerz in lemon drop, purple rain, and black. The sidecar Art of War Series will be arriving in a few weeks also, so make sure if you’ve been looking for one to get on this quick!

aaron sokol assassin mini tube for sale on

We have Hitman Glass x Sokol collabs still available for anyone who needs a beautiful, great functioning dab rig. Our collection of Hitman Glass has a few different collabs that are priced properly for anyone who is looking for a quality dab rig for sale.

PENDANTS! We have pendants! We have been picking up some seriously heady pendants over the last few months from some big name artist. We have an order of Alex Ubatuba Warlock pendants coming in gold, silver and bronze that will be electroformed by Kuhns.  

We dropped some Amani Summerday pendants this week which started with 15 in the collection and they are quickly selling. We will have a steady flow of these coming in over the next few months, but if you see the one you like don’t sleep on it, they a moving!

Be on the look out for our up coming orders from Bear Mountain Studios, Knine tubes, and Aaron Sokol. These orders take time due to their high demand, so they will sell quick!  Make sure you check back weekly for updates.  

Thanks for the love and support fam! If you have questions or want to request customs, feel free to contact us through our contact form.

 -Peace, love, & dabs.

January 18, 2014

AGE › doing work at AGE Las Vegas

This is our absolute favorite glass exhibition of the year! AGE (American Glass Exposition) is a collection of the absolute best AMERICAN glass blowers and companies in the industry. This year we will be picking up glass from the best artists and glass blowers in the world.

We are excited to expand our heady glass brands like Pyrology Glass, HAMM Water Works, Bates & Worm, Aaron Sokol Glass, Bear Mountain Studios, JAG, Kuhns, and many more! Looking forward to the rest of 2014, will be looking to concentrate on expanding into the heady glass market.  

 Zach P x Pyrology Glass will be getting AKM (Pipe Maker) Pendent Skulls and hopefully a few AKM Jason Lord collabs to showcase. AKM Pipe Maker's signature pendent Skulls are absolutely beautifuly hand-crafted pieces of work. Jason Lord has mastered the pocket rig, and we look to grab as many as we can.

Elks That Run (ETR) will be sharing a table with AKM and we will be grabbing a few pendents from him as well.

For some new glass we are going to be stopping in on our buddy Dougie of Hitman Glass. We will be getting the New Hit Man Glass Recyclers and several of his other new 2014 lines up for sale on

Wicked Sands has a huge order of mini recyclers waiting for us. His sidecars and mini tubes rip like champions, we will be able to offer these in 2014!

Micro will have several Mario pendents and mini tubes that you will be able to tune in for. His work is so clean and detailed we are extremely happy to add him to

The big move is to grab a few Dinos from Elbo. We hope they are reasonably prices so we can help filter some out to the world.

A full restock in Titanium from Highley Educated, along with other titanium/quartz products will also be taking place here in 2014. 

There isn't enough money in the word to satify our glass obsession, but you can trust us to get quality American Made glass for our fans and customs.



January 08, 2014

New Brands and Products of 2014 on

2014 is a huge year for We are seeking out the most desirable/heady brands made with love in the USA. We want nothing but quality rigs, with perfect functionality. We are honored by the level of trust you bestow in us in our glass and titanium selection and will go above and beyond to withhold this standard.

A preview of some of the names and items we are getting:

Pyrology Glass, a company that is obsessed with perfection. We have Mini Stews, Mini Sucker Punches, Young Cricket rigs, custom Zach P Collab work, and Riglets. All will be for sale and up on this month. Don't Miss out as these items will fly.

Aaron Sokol Glass (Dokol glass) is another addition who does perfect labeling of his Mandarin Chinese characters on quality glass. We have Sokol Mini Tubes, Assassin Rigs, Art of War side car sets, and more from Sokol Glass coming to

HAMM Water Works will be arriving this week. We got several HAMM Exo Diffy Gems and other minis and we got a Sputnik Recyler as well which is going to be an amazing show piece. 

Bear Mountain Glass has some of the freshest new work we have seen. We will be getting them later this month. 

Bates and Worm Diffusion pumps and glass macro bubblers are up on the site for sale now.

We also will be acquiring pendants from AKM , Lace Face, Joe Peters, and more. We will be expanding our product line up with dab pins and pendants on a regular basis, so be sure to check back weekly.

Happy New Year-


December 11, 2013's New Items/Restock & Holiday Sales

Our November sales on glass and titanium were very popular. We are offering up to 15% off on for select oil rigs, titanium nails, and dabbers, for anyone who needs to be a hero and come through with an awesome holiday gift. All orders put in before 12/18 will be guaranteed delivery by Christmas. Use code HOLIDAYSHIP for free shipping on all orders!

We have some much needed restocking going on right now for our favorite brands.

iDab Glass pieces were stocked last week and are now GONE. We have more recyclers, cannons, and OG Disk rigs coming in the next 2 weeks.

Mad Rob has been holding us down with the Denver Hook up. Mad Robs re-circ recyclers, microns, and double microns are coming off the lathe as fast as he makes them. We will have more recyclers in the next week.

Defstar glass is another Denver local favorite of ours. We have new items like the Defstar Glass Escape Pod Side car and clear Defstar Glass Side car rigs.

Defstar - Escape Pod Side Car

Our order from Terry Sharp came in. He sent us a dope lemon drop recycler, with purple rain accents. Also came through with some beautiful natural perk recyclers. We also have some 3 hole diffy perk rigs with dicro ribbon accents coming from him this week.

Our newest artist HAMM’s Waterworks will be added next week once we receive the items. These don’t expect to last long.

We have more Silika pendant rigs, recyclers, and more that will arrive any day. They sell out very fast!

We pride our store in carrying the most in-depth selection of AMERICAN MADE titanium nails for sale. Some American companies are using poor grade Asian imported titanium to save money… good thing we are weeding them out. Recently we had a customer send back a nail that was horrifically pitted and oxidized from the impurities in the titanium… needless to say we will no longer be using this company.

Our trusted brands include Silika, Dab Essentials, High Tech Titanium, & Ti Power. We have domeless & adjustable titanium nails, and quartz domeless or fixed nails. Carb Caps have been a top seller for, which work with High Tech Titanium nails.

Our Vape pens are a great holiday stocking stuffer. We have Vape Ape pens finally in stock! The Super Mario Edition Vape Ape is on sale now, so is the Vape Ape Vaporizer pen Standard edition. Cloud Penz are always a solid purchase. Also look into the VIP Vape Pdab, you can turn up the voltage for harder concentrates or in colder climates.

Vape Ape Mario Edition For Sale on

If you are really trying to show up Santa this year you can buy an electric nail made By High Tech Titanium. The Honey Highve is an American made product that has fitting for 10mm, 14mm, & 18mm direct inject joints. Hedged agaist the Dnail, Oil Coil, and Enail we went with High Tech Titanium. We have an optional package with a custome travel pelican case, 10/14mm nail, 14/18mm nail, carb cap, and shovel dabber. 

We have all Happy Daddy Products back in stock for sale on Bowl Buddy, Pipe Pal, Big Buddah, Buddah Bomb, and Baby Buddah.

We also have Shovel dabbers by High Tech Titanium. Named “Shovelsworth”, it’s proven a shovels worth will enlighten your day.  Our dabbers by Corey Braziller and Joshua Tree are a huge seller for anyone whos looking to bring sexy back to their collection.

Shovel Dabber Shovelsworth High tech titanium

Let us know if you have questions on our stock or items!

Happy Holidays from Fam!


November 09, 2013 Holiday Super Sale has Begun!

We have been frantically stocking up our shelves with the best glass we can find to have you dabbing in style for the holidays. Tis the season of giving so we are giving 15-20% off all dabbers, oil rigs (dab rigs, vapor rig), titanium nails, quartz nails, vape swings, and carb caps.

To highlight some of’s most notable deals, our Hitman Glass Double Barrel Recyclers are now $499 each, down from $600! Hitman Glass Mini Cakes are also for sale, selling at $254, down from $300. We discounted all phase II rigs and all other items we have from Hitman Glass as well.

Our deals on Steve Beer Glass that is left, are not going to last. We have Steve Beer Glass Recyclers on order and coming soon along with re stock on his pendant rigs, drip rigs, and dot rigs.

We put together some amazing package deals with dabbers, titanium domeless nails, and paired them with our favorite rigs. Above is our Silika mini Recycler combed with Silika dabber stand, dabber, and silika domeless titanium 14mm nail. This is really the perfect package! Another popular item is our Silika Pendant Rig paired with a Silika 10mm Domeless nail for a great dynamic duo. . .

Done up proper is the iDab Glass combo package. It includes a 18mm ti domeless iDab nail, they are paired with select rigs, below it is paired with a beautiful Slyme iDab Glass Recycler.   

Mad Rob is making us some Microns as I type! we will have them in stock in a week. Also Anodyne has some more recyclers we are going to have up soon.

We discounted all dabbing accessories like Joshua Tree dabbers  were $30, now down to $22 for our sale.  Also Paint Brush Dabber by Cory Braziller down to $33 from $42.

For Titanium we Silika Domeless 18 14 & 10mm nails for sale. Our Dab essentials Nails are significantly cheaper with our running sale and High Tech Titanium G Nails are down to $69.99!

The High Tech Titanium restock is on its way. We will have their new 10/14mm domeless, new carb caps with flat head dabber, and The Honey Highve in stock by 11/14/2013. We have sold several Honey Highves now and have gotten great feedback on them. If you are in the market for an enail, dnail, or temp temple, you should consider the Honey Highve.

We hope you enjoy our Holiday Sale @! Enjoy the holidays, spread the love, and thank you for your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!