The past few months our orders from AGE Las Vegas, AGE Denver, and Champs, have been rolling in steady. Below are some updates of the hottest glass and new items we have.

Pete Muller Stitch rigs just got posted today. He teamed up with Armor Glass to bring his beautiful style to life in a mini rig perfect for dabbing. They look like a work from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and function amazingly.

Peter Muller Stitch Rigs

Knine Tubes got us a fresh batch of Tea Cup & Chuwawa rigs. They are the perfect functioning pendant rig that comes in beautiful colors. If you are in the market for a pendant rig, definitely check them out.

Our favorite grimy greezy and always keeping it sleazy brand Ski Mask Glass dropped a whole bunch of heady pieces on us. We got the new Spray Can Banger oil rig from Ski mask. We got a full restock on Pole Jam rigs with different graphics and colors. These come fitted perfectly with a cage perk.

 Additional we got two of our personal favorites; the Glass Freaker Beaker and the Ski Mask Oil Spill recycler (shown above). There is no doubt that these guys know whats really good in the glass game. If you are in the market for a super heady rig look no further.

Another heady addition is our Sokol Glass Mini Bangers. These 10mm beasts are come in the assassin tube white accented with blood splatter and Sokol’s signature Manderine Chinese writing. Each come with a detachable granede with matching dome in purple rain, lemon drop, and slyme.

Sokol also got us his art of war side car rigs. They come with a sword dabber and matching dome. Also included is a quartz nail and scroll with a reading from the master piece Art of War. They come in specially made box to house all your items in a custom foam cut out. These are a must for any glass collector who can’t spend over $1,000.

Our final addition for this month is the Nectar Collector Version 2.0 Vapor Straw. These beauties are just a great item to have on your desk or table for a great way to vape. The water chamber stays filled level unless turned upside down, and the quartz or titanium tips heat up really quick.

Our final heady pic up of the month are the High Tech Titanium Honey Highve enails. The enail, dnail, or as they call it Honey Highve, are a great way to vape with out a torch.

These are 100% made in America and are built to last. The V2 mini Honey Highve comes with a one year warranty and has been perfected in there experience in making enails.

Please feel free to message us if you have questions on any of our products or there is something you need help finding.

Stay waxy, stay weird, stay happy! –  

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