Holiday Super Sale has Begun!

We have been frantically stocking up our shelves with the best glass we can find to have you dabbing in style for the holidays. Tis the season of giving so we are giving 15-20% off all dabbers, oil rigs (dab rigs, vapor rig), titanium nails, quartz nails, vape swings, and carb caps.

To highlight some of’s most notable deals, our Hitman Glass Double Barrel Recyclers are now $499 each, down from $600! Hitman Glass Mini Cakes are also for sale, selling at $254, down from $300. We discounted all phase II rigs and all other items we have from Hitman Glass as well.

Our deals on Steve Beer Glass that is left, are not going to last. We have Steve Beer Glass Recyclers on order and coming soon along with re stock on his pendant rigs, drip rigs, and dot rigs.

We put together some amazing package deals with dabbers, titanium domeless nails, and paired them with our favorite rigs. Above is our Silika mini Recycler combed with Silika dabber stand, dabber, and silika domeless titanium 14mm nail. This is really the perfect package! Another popular item is our Silika Pendant Rig paired with a Silika 10mm Domeless nail for a great dynamic duo. . .

Done up proper is the iDab Glass combo package. It includes a 18mm ti domeless iDab nail, they are paired with select rigs, below it is paired with a beautiful Slyme iDab Glass Recycler.   

Mad Rob is making us some Microns as I type! we will have them in stock in a week. Also Anodyne has some more recyclers we are going to have up soon.

We discounted all dabbing accessories like Joshua Tree dabbers  were $30, now down to $22 for our sale.  Also Paint Brush Dabber by Cory Braziller down to $33 from $42.

For Titanium we Silika Domeless 18 14 & 10mm nails for sale. Our Dab essentials Nails are significantly cheaper with our running sale and High Tech Titanium G Nails are down to $69.99!

The High Tech Titanium restock is on its way. We will have their new 10/14mm domeless, new carb caps with flat head dabber, and The Honey Highve in stock by 11/14/2013. We have sold several Honey Highves now and have gotten great feedback on them. If you are in the market for an enail, dnail, or temp temple, you should consider the Honey Highve.

We hope you enjoy our Holiday Sale @! Enjoy the holidays, spread the love, and thank you for your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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