What you should know before making a titanium nail purchase

Titanium products are used throughout the dabbing scene, it is important to be educated on what you are buying for your personal health and safety beforehand.  With counter fitting and lack of morals, the titanium nail market has a lot of smoke and mirrors on what is being used. This article will help you understand the importance of using trusted companies that use medical grade two titanium.

 Just because it says grade 2 titanium does not mean it is safe. Grade two titanium as specific as it sounds is a very vague description of what it is. Marine and aerospace industries use grade 2 titanium for its strength and light weight. The medical field uses “Medical” Grade two titanium for its strength, light weight, and resignation with the human anatomy. Both are grade 2 titanium, however the purity of each is very different.

When manufactures buy titanium they get certifications with the material. Titanium certification forms have to declare the amount of Iron (FE), Carbon (C), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N), & Hydrogen (H).  These  amounts are needed to declare the proper ISO requirements for that material classification. Every company claims to be using grade two titanium, but is it material used in making planes and boats or prosthetic knees?  

Below you can see a certification of American medical grade two titanium from a 3rd party testing company, and a Chinese aerospace certification for grade two titanium.

You can see the amounts of all the elements above are SIGNIFICANTLY different in the medical certification and the Chinese areo certification. These differences are important when you look to buy a titanium nail especially.

Chinese titanium and any other aero space or marine titanium has a lot of filler (Iron FE) thrown into it to add mass to the material and safe them money. The higher amounts of iron, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen in the titanium are what cause nails to pit, dis color, corrode, and also are carcinogenic when ingested. These signs are evident the more frequent you heat the nail and it is used.

Below is an example of titanium sourced from China. As a result, the titanium nail is completely broken down and oxidized from just 6 months of use.


Here are some signs of poor quality titanium – green coloring, flaking, pitting, white caked residue (oxidation), and popping when torched for an extended period.

In closing  here are some of the brands whom we trust and know use medical grade 2 titanium: Silika, High Tech Titanium, Highly Educated,  & Santa Cruz Shredder. Not all companies that are American Made use American sourced grade two titanium. There is also quartz nails that are a more natural way to enjoy concentrates.


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Paulie Peanuts


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