Using a Carb Cap for Dabbing

We looked into this recently to determine the true benefits of using a carb cap when dabbing essential oils and are very impressed with the findings. The carb cap is used to create a uniform temp within the surface area of the nail surface to evenly vaporize your essential oils.

Many people don't understand that dabbing on a nail while it is red hot is not the most effective, flavorful, or proper way to drop a bhomb. When the nail is cooling from being red hot, once the color change goes from red to its basic hue, that when you want to drop your concentrate on the nail surface and allow it to pool or puddle up. Placing the carb cap over the titanium nail head will create a heated dome to vaporize the pool at the temp and speed it should be to achieve the best flavor and effectiveness. 

850-950 degree Fahrenheit is the ideal temp range to use a carb cap on. They work really good when using an enail.  We have just ordered new carb caps coming from High Tech Titanium which should be here in 2 weeks and for sale on shortly there after. Hope this was useful!


-Peace Love & Dabs!

Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts


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