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January 18, 2014

AGE › doing work at AGE Las Vegas

This is our absolute favorite glass exhibition of the year! AGE (American Glass Exposition) is a collection of the absolute best AMERICAN glass blowers and companies in the industry. This year we will be picking up glass from the best artists and glass blowers in the world.

We are excited to expand our heady glass brands like Pyrology Glass, HAMM Water Works, Bates & Worm, Aaron Sokol Glass, Bear Mountain Studios, JAG, Kuhns, and many more! Looking forward to the rest of 2014, will be looking to concentrate on expanding into the heady glass market.  

 Zach P x Pyrology Glass will be getting AKM (Pipe Maker) Pendent Skulls and hopefully a few AKM Jason Lord collabs to showcase. AKM Pipe Maker's signature pendent Skulls are absolutely beautifuly hand-crafted pieces of work. Jason Lord has mastered the pocket rig, and we look to grab as many as we can.

Elks That Run (ETR) will be sharing a table with AKM and we will be grabbing a few pendents from him as well.

For some new glass we are going to be stopping in on our buddy Dougie of Hitman Glass. We will be getting the New Hit Man Glass Recyclers and several of his other new 2014 lines up for sale on

Wicked Sands has a huge order of mini recyclers waiting for us. His sidecars and mini tubes rip like champions, we will be able to offer these in 2014!

Micro will have several Mario pendents and mini tubes that you will be able to tune in for. His work is so clean and detailed we are extremely happy to add him to

The big move is to grab a few Dinos from Elbo. We hope they are reasonably prices so we can help filter some out to the world.

A full restock in Titanium from Highley Educated, along with other titanium/quartz products will also be taking place here in 2014. 

There isn't enough money in the word to satify our glass obsession, but you can trust us to get quality American Made glass for our fans and customs.