Heady Collabs and New Pendants for sale has ever been expanding our heady glass selection. We scooped up a lot of quality brands and customs, in addition to the awesome pendants we will be adding in the next few months to come. 

Our Pyrology Glass collection highlights some of the sick collabs we have been able to procure over the last few weeks. Our Pyrology X JAG (Just Another Glassblower) riglet collab has amazingly detailed work in 24K Gold. The piece was featured in Philadelphia’s Front St Gallery at the "Aphillyated" show and was a must to buy.

Pyrology x JAG riglet 24k gold for sale

We have acquired 2 Zach Puchoqitz rigs; both are Pyrology Glass collabs that combine the perfect functionality and quality of a Pyrology, with the artistic abilities of Zach P.   The Pyrology recycler is the best functioning recycler we have yet to water test; adding the work of Zach P. takes it up another notch.  

Aaron Sokol is another artist whom we have acquired some heady pieces from. We love the new Assassin Series of mini tubes he has released. We also have a shipment of his 10 MM Grenade Mini Bangerz in lemon drop, purple rain, and black. The sidecar Art of War Series will be arriving in a few weeks also, so make sure if you’ve been looking for one to get on this quick!

aaron sokol assassin mini tube for sale on

We have Hitman Glass x Sokol collabs still available for anyone who needs a beautiful, great functioning dab rig. Our collection of Hitman Glass has a few different collabs that are priced properly for anyone who is looking for a quality dab rig for sale.

PENDANTS! We have pendants! We have been picking up some seriously heady pendants over the last few months from some big name artist. We have an order of Alex Ubatuba Warlock pendants coming in gold, silver and bronze that will be electroformed by Kuhns.  

We dropped some Amani Summerday pendants this week which started with 15 in the collection and they are quickly selling. We will have a steady flow of these coming in over the next few months, but if you see the one you like don’t sleep on it, they a moving!

Be on the look out for our up coming orders from Bear Mountain Studios, Knine tubes, and Aaron Sokol. These orders take time due to their high demand, so they will sell quick!  Make sure you check back weekly for updates.  

Thanks for the love and support fam! If you have questions or want to request customs, feel free to contact us through our contact form.

 -Peace, love, & dabs.

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