WhyTheDabStore.com rolls with Gpens over all vape pens

When choosing which of the many vape pens the market has out there now, it is often hard to decide which one buy. Through my R & D (research and development) we determined the vape pen of choice to be Greinco Science's Gpen line.

We tried trippy stix, atmos, and other generics; but what it came down to was which product we wanted to back on our website to bring you the most satisfaction to the buyer.

The Gpen battery lasted 4 days of heavy usage as opposed to 2-3 for others. The access to buy interchangable parts for the Gpen is much easier. Being that this is the only product from out side the USA we stock, and pieces need to be replaced, we found that Grienco Science gives the options to buy these parts rather than leave the consumer to purchase an entirely new setup. 

 Our gpen kits were just stocked so get em while you can... almost every distributor is on back order, and out gpen Micros are on they're way.

Please use our email or contact form if you have any questions regarding our products. Thanks for choosing TheDabStore.com as your #1 online concentrate resource for.

Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts