New Titanium for

We expanded our selection of titanium nails and dabbing tools for your enjoyment. We stocked up on Ti Power getting a full spread of the entire products line. 

We got some of the HOTTEST nails out from Dab Essentials. If you consider your dab game proper you need to get yourself a Dab Essentials nail. 

We picked up the full line of Do You Dab Ti Nails. 

Fully Restocked our Vapenwiser Ti nails, and also got the entire new line up of Ti dabbers, annodized ti, stands, and tools from Vapenwiser.

Additionally we got some really nice hand forged tools from Happy Daddy Dabbers. 

All our new Ti should be up for sale within the next 2 weeks, Dab Essentials, Ti Power, and the new Vapenwiser stuff will be up by Friday. 

Use the contact for if you have questions enjoy!