Guide to buying the right Titanium nail

When looking for the right nail for your rig there are a lot of factors that can influence your decision. You have titanium nails, quartz nails, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, 29mm, adjustable, fixed, domeless, grade 2 or 3 titanium…. The list goes on. We would like to share with you how to decide what is best for you, and also the dangers of buying cheap titanium.

We spend A LOT of time when determining which titanium nails we will be carrying. The number one question before even looking into the product is “Is it manufactured in the USA? “. This is so important because aside from supporting the US industry and movement, the quality control & titanium grade being used in US manufacturing is safe for dabbing.

The Dangers of buying titanium with unknown origins is very serious! Titanium being sold on ebay, etsy, and other sites, are Chinese knock off titanium nails. These nails will turn funky colors after use, oxidize quickly, and give off by-products that are very very harmful to you. These nails are sold cheap, but have serious consequences on your body.  

After we certify it as a US product we see which grade titanium they use in production, it has to be Grade 2 or Grade 3 titanium. Both grade2 & 3 titanium retain heat the best for dabbing and have minimal to no by-products given off when dabbing. Medical grade 2 titanium is the absolute best. Once these two standards are checked off the list then we look into functionality, design, and pricing.

The functionality of the nail is very important for you the consumer… this is where perks of the job for R & D (research & development) come into play. We check to see how the air flow is when dabbing, making sure there is not a significant amount of resistance from the nail when taking a dab. We make sure it holds heat properly and doesn’t splatter your concentrate all over upon contact. Finally we look for endurance, this is to make sure you are not making a 70-120$ investment, for it to start breaking down only after a few months.

For you the consumer, you need to determine what nail is best for your rig/rigs. Adjustable Ti nails are best for people who have multiple rigs and want one nail to move amongst them. If you have all 18mm or all 14mm you simple buy one adjustable 14 or 18mm nail and boom move it amongst them as you please. If you have a mix of 14 and 18 mm rigs, you can get a domeless 14/18 nail that can be used for either size. We have Vapenwiser and Ti Power that make great 14/18mm domeless combos. Then there is the option of a 14mm or 18mm domeless ti nail but if you rig was done by a shoty artist, there is a small chance it will not fit.

The non-titanium nail option is quartz nails. Quartz nails are great, but if you “Dab So Hard” it probably won’t last longer than 3 months. For the Once a day dabber this is a good option. You can get a cupped nail or a flat head. Both are good, I prefer an 18mm cupped, but if its 14mm I would rather a flat head (all about surface area) but they all work well!

In closing we would like to share with you the companies we trust with quality control, solid product lines, and functionality: Dab Essentials, High Tech Titanium, Highly Educated, Silika Ti Nails and Ti Power. All items are for sale on For any additional questions please contact us through the contact page we would love to hear from you!

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