Swagger Glass Stocked and For Sale @ TheDabStore.com

Finally we got our order from Swagger Glass. After seeing this work at AGE out in Vegas, we knew we needed Swagger Glass for sale on TheDabStore.com. This is a line of some of the dopest rigs on the market. The glass quality and engineering makes each piece a show case item for any collector ir 1st time buyer.  

We stocked Swagger Glass 18mm Sherlocks, Swagger Glass 18mm Bent Neck Tree Perks, Swagger Glass 14mm and 18mm Gridded Inline Tubes, Swagger Glass Circle Perc Bent Neck 18 MM, AND MUCH MORE!

Check out the entire line of Swagger Glass on TheDabStore.com to get a comprehensive view of the hottest rig and tubes on the market. Preview the pics below to see whats really good with Swagger Glass.