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This week we got our shipment of Cloud 2.0 Vape Penz from Cloud Vapz . This is a product that we are happy to finally bring to you all. Here is a little story on how we came to know and LOVE the Cloud Pen 2.0.

 When our team got to the 2013 Cannabis Cup (Denver CO) We realized we left our vape pens at home. Not like there wasn’t amazing glass everywhere we got to dab off of, but a vape pen is always nice to have on call. Our homie Kelly from Nuggetry Magazine had some extra Cloud 2.0 Vape Penz and hooked us up for the day.

After spending 24 hours with the penz, we found the Cloud Vapz team at the 2013 Cannabis Cup the next day and boom 3 weeks later we have them @ for sale.

We love them because the atomizer (thing in the middle) is a lot more reliable than others and last longer. The micro USB charger is sooooo convenient and we liked the Skillet Tools forked pick. All and all this is a great buy and if you are a daily enthusiast, you need one of these.

Stay Cloudy!

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