New prodcut arivals!

In the last few weeks we have been receiving a lot of orders of glass! Here is a quick update on whats new and recently added to

G Pens by Grenco Science - G Pen kits, micro sets, gpen batteries, oil containers, glass container, orginal g pen containers. these are awesome portable vaporizers that are extremely essential for those on the move or trying to be discrete. 

Vapenwiser -Domeless nail, 14mm nail, 18mm nail, & ti dabber with stand. All Vapenwiser products are HIGH GRADE Ti and sexy as fuck!

Silika - awesome oiler, micro oilers, worker bubs, worked domes, silika vape pipe, silika sherlock. made in cali!

Clout Glass - Clout hooked up up with some sick #slyme pieces. 10mm micro oiler slymed out AF! sick as work 2 disc clout perk 14mm. and some sexy sexy 14 mm slyme accented rig.

On its way to !

Boro Syndicate - on its way now sick 18mm, 14mm, & 29mm mini rig bubs. re stocking all vape swings and nails from Boro syndicate as well

Happy Daddy Dabber - Dabbers made in the USA from a skilled blacksmith. Multiple tools and dabbers.