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When you are looking to get yourself set up with a proper essential oil dabbing rig,  beginners look to buy a glass on glass oil rig. Something to get started with that has a nail, dome, and a oil rig. You will need to get a dabber too. The bird’s eye view of dabs dripping off a lovely worked dabber, always make it a better experience, so don't cheap out on a cool dabber & dish set. 

As you evolve, often people who have an everyday sidekick oil rig, look to get a nice Titanium Nail or quartz, nail. There are domeless titanium nails and ones that require domes. The dome & nail combo would need to be with an adjustable titanium nail not a domless.  However, if you chose titanium over quartz and you want a truly respectable nail go with a domeless titanium nail. Its the only way to roll!

The quality and price of your glass will go hand and hand. If you are cheap and want an easy way to vape you can get a vapor pen.  Some call them oil pen vaporizers, some call them vapes.... either way they can vaporize essential oils. They are more portable being like a vapor pens in your pocket. The center container cut out in a vaporizer pen is like a mini pot for essential oil.

Hope this helps for all those who send us questions and please note all our glass and titanium are made in the USA and for sale on our site here @ 

Check out our top venders for these items: Silika Clout Wicked Sands Cloud Vape Penz Dab Essentials 

February 25, 2013

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New Glass Comming to

We spent a lot of time, money, and research/development on the new glass we have coming over the next 6 months. 

We got Wicked Sands which will be added this week. Some amazing micro rigs, platinum labeled pieces, and gnarly new designs from him.

Swager Glass, we have a fully spread of his micro rigs, bubblers, and more of his quality designs. These will be here in 2-3 weeks

iDab Glass is hooking us up with him extremely clean, quality, and perfected oil rigs. These will be arriving the 1st week of April. Very excited for this!

Pulse, will be here in 3 weeks. They have an awesome production line of hammers and oilers.

Zob hooked us up with some really micro oilers, slyme rigs, and worked pieces. These will be here in a month.

For our extremely high end glass we have Olympic and Liberty Glass which will be coming in 4-6 months. If you have seen any of they're work you know how quality and amazingly functional it is.

That is the run down on the new glass we have coming, feel free to send us questions or comments through our contact form. Get ready for some beautiful sexy glass to be posted soon from yours truely, 

New prodcut arivals!

In the last few weeks we have been receiving a lot of orders of glass! Here is a quick update on whats new and recently added to

G Pens by Grenco Science - G Pen kits, micro sets, gpen batteries, oil containers, glass container, orginal g pen containers. these are awesome portable vaporizers that are extremely essential for those on the move or trying to be discrete. 

Vapenwiser -Domeless nail, 14mm nail, 18mm nail, & ti dabber with stand. All Vapenwiser products are HIGH GRADE Ti and sexy as fuck!

Silika - awesome oiler, micro oilers, worker bubs, worked domes, silika vape pipe, silika sherlock. made in cali!

Clout Glass - Clout hooked up up with some sick #slyme pieces. 10mm micro oiler slymed out AF! sick as work 2 disc clout perk 14mm. and some sexy sexy 14 mm slyme accented rig.

On its way to !

Boro Syndicate - on its way now sick 18mm, 14mm, & 29mm mini rig bubs. re stocking all vape swings and nails from Boro syndicate as well

Happy Daddy Dabber - Dabbers made in the USA from a skilled blacksmith. Multiple tools and dabbers.


Boro Syndicate Quartz Nails and Vape Swings for sale on The Dab Store

 For anyone out there who hasn't fucked with Boro Syndicate's line... you need to. More on the way next week Boro Syndicate Rigs more vape swings, and re stocking nails. The quartz nails are very quality and will not break easily. The vape swings are a favorite because they have little movement when dabbing. They fit on dab rigs very cleanly. We have worked vape swings and clear. 14mm or 18mm both stocked up. To see the collection of nails click here

to see the collection of vape swings click here


boro syndicate vape swing for sale on the dab store


 Glass is in from #silika real nice work. free shipping promo code coming soon. We got bent neck mirco oils, side cars, mini bubblers, and recyclers. The are available in slyme, worked colors, and clear. You can see all of the Silika glass collection here that is for sale on The Dab Store. 

Silika recycler slyme