News Updates and More New Products for June

This month we uploaded a lot of new products that we know you will like. We have some really sick new Health stone Glass for those of you smoking too much off your titanium & quartz nails.

We got some new worked sidecar showerhead rigs from Silika that rip like a champions. We also got Silika’s new dabber stands and dabbers in multiple colors for sale.

Pulse Glass has finally arrived we have two pieces on for sale currently and will have the other 5 up by the end of the weekend. The glass on glass oil rigs we have for sale by pulse are like no other. The beauty and quality of the glass work is amazing and the perks will make your eyes tear. If you have the money to buy one of the Pulse Glass pieces for sale you need to pull the trigger on that ASAP!

We restocked our Light Saber Dabbers by Sarah Shade.  We have them for sale in slyme, glow in the dark, and assorted colors.

Maverick glass came in, and we have some very dope work from them for sale that will be sure to fly off the shelves. info for beginner buyers

When you are looking to get yourself set up with a proper essential oil dabbing rig,  beginners look to buy a glass on glass oil rig. Something to get started with that has a nail, dome, and a oil rig. You will need to get a dabber too. The bird’s eye view of dabs dripping off a lovely worked dabber, always make it a better experience, so don't cheap out on a cool dabber & dish set. 

As you evolve, often people who have an everyday sidekick oil rig, look to get a nice Titanium Nail or quartz, nail. There are domeless titanium nails and ones that require domes. The dome & nail combo would need to be with an adjustable titanium nail not a domless.  However, if you chose titanium over quartz and you want a truly respectable nail go with a domeless titanium nail. Its the only way to roll!

The quality and price of your glass will go hand and hand. If you are cheap and want an easy way to vape you can get a vapor pen.  Some call them oil pen vaporizers, some call them vapes.... either way they can vaporize essential oils. They are more portable being like a vapor pens in your pocket. The center container cut out in a vaporizer pen is like a mini pot for essential oil.

Hope this helps for all those who send us questions and please note all our glass and titanium are made in the USA and for sale on our site here @ 

Check out our top venders for these items: Silika Clout Wicked Sands Cloud Vape Penz Dab Essentials Registering for the 710 Cup in Denver CO

We sent in our registration form to Grassroots to get our space reserved for the 710 Cup in Denver, CO. We will be putting out a spread of our Silika, Wicked Sands, Swagger Glass, and some other venders we carry for you all to come try and purchase if you like.

The event is being held at the Exdo Event Center (1399 35th St, Denver, CO 80205) 7/12-7/14/2013. Thanks to Grassroots, Hitman Glass, and Weed Maps for putting something proper together. 

The Full DAB Clothing line will be at the booth with all sizes, colors, and designs in stock. Bring you water bottle full and your dab rags clean, cause it is going to get messy and errrrlllly at the cup. Look forward to seeing fellow venders, friends, followers, customers, and fellow dabs.