News Updates and More info for beginner buyers

When you are looking to get yourself set up with a proper essential oil dabbing rig,  beginners look to buy a glass on glass oil rig. Something to get started with that has a nail, dome, and a oil rig. You will need to get a dabber too. The bird’s eye view of dabs dripping off a lovely worked dabber, always make it a better experience, so don't cheap out on a cool dabber & dish set. 

As you evolve, often people who have an everyday sidekick oil rig, look to get a nice Titanium Nail or quartz, nail. There are domeless titanium nails and ones that require domes. The dome & nail combo would need to be with an adjustable titanium nail not a domless.  However, if you chose titanium over quartz and you want a truly respectable nail go with a domeless titanium nail. Its the only way to roll!

The quality and price of your glass will go hand and hand. If you are cheap and want an easy way to vape you can get a vapor pen.  Some call them oil pen vaporizers, some call them vapes.... either way they can vaporize essential oils. They are more portable being like a vapor pens in your pocket. The center container cut out in a vaporizer pen is like a mini pot for essential oil.

Hope this helps for all those who send us questions and please note all our glass and titanium are made in the USA and for sale on our site here @ 

Check out our top venders for these items: Silika Clout Wicked Sands Cloud Vape Penz Dab Essentials 

Silika Glass Selection Fully Stocked @

Things got a little crazy from Cannabis Cup 2013 in Denver to CHAMPS AC. We got a ton of new glass stocked up and a bunch more coming. We have all Silika mini bubbler combos, Silika Slymed out rigs, Silika ti nails, and plenty more worked pieces coming up in the next few days. 

If you have any questions about the Silika Glass for sale on our site or anything at all please let us know by using our contact form.

New Items from Silika Glass For Sale

We recently upped our game with Silika with our most recent order. We got several slyme pieces such as our Silika Slyme Mini Bubbler 14mm, Silika Slyme 14mm bent neck oiler, Silika Slyme bubbler combo w/ removable down stem, and some slyme domes.

We re-upped on Silika recyclers, 96 hole disk perks, and micro bubbler combos.

EXCLUSIVE RELEASE ITEMS: Silika blessed us with the honor of being the 1st store to carry their 10mm tiny direct inject oil rig! We paired it up with the Silika 10mm domeless ti nail to get your “Dab Game Proper” as we say @

We hope you enjoy the new items. We strive to please our customers with the best glass we can find. Feel free to email us if you have any questions!


Silika Glass & Boro Syndicate new items and restocking

This week our orders shipped for Silika and Boro Synidate. We have a lot of new sick stuff coming in and restocking as well.
From Silika we have new 10mm slyme rigs coming, 14mm slyme bubblers, and we are restocking our micro oilers.
Boro Syndicate hooked us up with a lot of quartz nails, vape swings, a few rigs, and some worked glass.
They should be arriving soon and we look to restock everything by Wednesday and photo/post the new work by Friday.

Til next, “Stay dabbing my friends”. 

February 28, 2013

14mm › 18mm › Ti Power › Ti Power and DoYouDab titanium nails up for sale

Today we finally got all the awesome Ti we got from DoYouDab & Ti Power on the site. We are really pumped to spread our titanium nail line to now 5 major companies. Check out the new additions for sale on the link below. Enjoy! Great Selection of Titanium Nails

 We pride ourself in selling only USA made Titanium nails. We carry Silika Titanium Nails, Vapenwiser Titanium Nails, and some Highly Educated Nails. We have 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, and 29mm.


Please feel free to reach out if you have questions about our Titanium Nail selection and see the link below for a view of our product line

February 05, 2013

14mm › 18mm › silika ›

Silika domless 18mm 14mm Ti nails in route!

 New Silika domeless Titanium Nails 18mm and 14mm are being packaged up and set out to !


We love carrying high quality titanium made in the USA!!! They should be up on the site by next week! limited supply stay on the look out! We will have 18 14 and 10 mm domeless nails and adjustable.  Also as seen below the 4 in 1 rook nail!

Silika Rook nail 4 in 1 titanium nail