What is the Best Vape Pen to Buy ?

What is the best vape pen to buy? Truly a question for the ages…. Or maybe just a very well versed concentrate enthusiast.  At TheDabStore.com we only have a select few brands that we carry in vapor pens for sale.

Each company we have is for a unique reason; be it portability, brand name, durability, or design. We spend 3 weeks using the product to determine if we will carry it or not, in some really fun R & D (research and development).

For our most all around best functioning & durable vapor pen we recommend the V.I.P Vape Pen.  The V.I.P Mini has a temperature controlled microchip that ensures your essential oils are vaporized and there is no combustion.  The ceramic atomizer makes for a well-rounded pull with their food grade aluminum tips it always chemical free. They last for up to 6 months, and the USB charger is sooo convenient.  We recommend them as one number one all around dab pen, vapor pen, vape pen, w/e you want to call it pen.

For coolest design and portability we give it to the Cloud Penz. Cloud Vape Penz have the hottest color availability and added features to make functionality/use better. They have a variety of attractive colors like Lemon Yellow, Lambo Orange, Slyme, Cherry Red, and more.  They have ceramic vapor atomizers which make for a better controlled vape. The battery is chargeable by micro USB charger which is awesome for cell phones too. Each pen comes with an extra atomizer and skillet tools dabber. They packed a great deal into this vapor pen kit with it coming in under 99$ after shipping!

Finally we have Grenco Science Mirco G pen & G Kit. The Grenco G Box (G Kit) is a legit vapor pen when using the glass tank. We like the kit which is very reasonably priced. The Micro G is a highly sought out brand, selling for cheap and getting two mirco pens in one kit is always nice. If you want to max out you dollar go with the Grenco.

Each vapor pen holds its own characteristics and value to you as the customer. When choosing a vapor pen don’t let your budget dictate what you are buying.  In the vapor pen market we are talking about 10-30$ difference in getting a longer lasting, durable, pen. Always remember, you get what you pay for…


All products are available for sale at TheDabStore.com Enjoy!

Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts


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