Quartz Domeless & Swagger Glass mini rigs just in!

Today we got a much awaited restocking for Boro Syndicate Quartz products @ We restocked all 18mm & 14mm flat head, cupped, and domeless quartz nails. The domeless quartz nail is truly an awesome way to dab. It’s a must for anyone who has not tried out a quartz nail yet.

We also got some of the newest items from Swagger Glass to hit the market. We got his micro/mini rig line up that is on for sale right now.  Two items to look for are our Swagger Glass Mini Circle Perc Vapor Bubbler 18 MM & Swagger Glass Mini Gridded Fixed Inline 14 MM.

Some items we will be adding as well are new adjustable 18mm and 14m ti nails from Silika and Dab Essentials 18mm Domless Gold Anodized titanium nail.  Our full line of Healthstone glass is also completely up on the site in addition to all the other items mentioned for sale @  

Contact us with any questions at all! 


Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts


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