updates on Items for sale @ TheDabStore.com

After a great weekend at the 710 we did some restocking and updating of the inventory. Below is some of the items we are ready to roll out to this DABnation.


We have titanium nails in 18mm, 14mm, & 10mm fittings for direct inject rigs. Also we have Silika Titanium Nails for sale that fit female down stems for flower converted pieces.

We just re upped on Boro Synidate quartz nails. Currently we have cupped, flat head and the best one of all Quartz Domeless nails. 

We have limited Dab Essential anodized domeless nails, vortex nails, and more. We have 14mm but do not have 18mm anodized nails yet.

Our Silika Ti nails include their domless line for all sizes and lets not forget the Rook, which is a 4 in 1 domeless nail that is soooo legit fitting 10mm 14mm and 18mm oil rigs.

Our Vapenwiser line of titanium nails and dabbers continues to be a top seller. The domeless 14/18 mm is the most effective for anyone who has both a 14mm and 18mm rigs. The anodized pro series fork dabbers and scoop dabbers are very hard to keep stocked so if your in need grab or when you can.

Ti power and Do You Dab titanium nails will be restocked after this weekend. Both are very solid American made ti companies that are cost effective.

We will also be getting a new company called High Tech Titanium who will be getting us out our 1st order by the end of August. They have very innovative titanium nail designs that should be a top seller.


Our list of glass blowers/vendors continues to grow. We have a ton of glass on glass oil rigs and dab rigs for sale. Our top sellers are Silika Glass, iDab Glass, Wicked Sands, Swagger Glass, Hitman Glass, and of course Health Stone Glass. We just got Beer Glass pendent rigs and drip rigs for sale that will be on TheDabStore.com shortly. 


For dabbers we have the full line of Happy Daddy Dabbers; Big Buddah, Babby Buddah, F-Bomb forked dabbers, and the Buddah Bomb. All are great, personally we dab out with the Babby Buddah. However they are all solid products.
We have an assortment of anodized dabbers and stands from Vapenwiser and also Santa Cruse dabbers, including the Cookie Cutter dabber a personal favorite. Make sure you don't sleep on the Dank Dabber! It's extremely effective and portable.All our titanium, glass, and stainless steel is made in the USA.

Vape Pens

We are loaded up with vape pens as well if you need a portable option to keep your mind right. We carry Cloud Penz 2.0, Grienco Science G pens, and the absolute best V.I.P Vape pen. 

We will be getting ceramic atomizers from Cloud 2.0 and VIP Vape Pens with in the next month, which is supposed to be a game changer. 

Please contact us through the contact form with questions or comments.
- "Peace Love & Dabs" -BF

Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts


owner at thedabstore.com