The 710 Cup Experience

The 710 Cup… came and gone as a melting glob singes off glowing red titanium upon a touch. I remember talking to a friend about 4/20 coming up in February and immediately then realizing if we had the cannabis cup in Denver, how would the team be celebrating 7/10?! So we heard of Grassroots teaming up with Hitman Glass to throw together The 710 Cup and knew where we would be celebrating this benchmark holiday.

Leading up to the cup things were a little quiet and we wondered how the turnout would be, are the authorities going to come, will the weather hold up… but when the time was beckoning upon us like a whirlwind of a milked out turbine, we banded together and all got downnnnn in Denver.

The night before there wasn’t a glob of all the best strains in the world that could put me down… but when you hang out with the crew from DAB Clothing, it’s only a matter of time before your true tolerance is tested, and needless to say I went out for the count.

After melting away for hours on Friday, we set up shop early Saturday. Watching hustlers hustle is great, stopping every 25 minutes to take dabs with famous extract artists, glass blowers, and friends AND hustling, is even better.

So by the time the flood gates opened we had our table open for business (and of course a sweet dabbing station for staff breaks). We had a sick spread of our favorite venders iDab, Silika, Wicked Sands, Pulse, Swagger, and Healthstone. Dabbers, nails, and salppers were also littered all over out table. We had over 3,000 slappers put out picked up and hopefully slapped the shit out of in all your cities.

We got to meet a bunch of our social media friends and followers which was awesome. To get to dab with you guys and chill really makes an event feel like not work at all us… oh yeah and being fucking ripped from 20+ dabs helps too haha.

So after a slowly but surely successful Saturday we just so happen to get a ginormous monsoon like wind as if we were being sucked up in a huge milky rip followed up by rain splattering everywhere like a shower head perk that facilitated an immediate evacuation for all outdoor events. Lightening was striking all around us with massive flash flooding and ginourmous electrical generators continuing to pump juice through submerged  puddles. It was an intense few hours from the storm but we made it out alive, soaked and definitely flying high.



Through all the madness we only lost one piece. An inline oiler which we hated and both laughed about when we looked at that piece of shit on the floor. Sorry for the hate, it was done by a company we won’t name, sat on our shelves for 6 months and had a slight mark on the label. It was the red headed smelly step child of our glass. After drying off and enjoying the indoor event we passed out to rest up for the morning of clean up and recovery.  

Sunday I was the 1st vender to arrive on the scene at 7:10am, of those who didn’t camp out there. After taking dabs and chatting with neighbors we swept, dried, sorted, salvaged, and reconstructed the best we could in our spot. With all the help and comradery we put things together nicely and got ready for action.

Sunday we sold a ton of rigs, ti, and dabbers. We got rid of our nicest Silika we had that EVERY ONE asked about, which is a bitter-sweet feeling. We had a lot of beautiful glass go, that you in the back of your head you hope it sits for a few months so you can pull it for the personal collection, but when the glass goes to a happy home it is relieving. 

We had a really awesome time seeing our friends, followers, and new faces that made this event fucking awesome! Oh and the dabs… the dabs on dabs on dabs also made this awesome. Thanks to Grassroots California and Hitman for putting this together. We hope to see you all there next year and thank everyone for the support.

Much Love! 

Check out some sweet pick ups below!

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