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As we grow and expand we seek out the sexy glass we can find and most innovative products to bring you only the best. If you have your #DabGameProper then you may already have yourself a Beer Glass pendant rig or one of his beautiful slyme, prurple rain, and or lavender drip rigs.

Beer Glass pendant rigs are extremely convenient and the functionality of it and untouchable in comparision to other pendent rigs. The drip rigs as mention have extremely sexy colors and are often the go to rig in the staff lounge.

We also had the pleasure of getting a Beer Glass & Seven Red Beards collab. This piece was blown by Beer Glass with slyme accents and electro forming finish by Seven Red beards. This piece for $440 is a steal and we hope it finds a happy home that appreciates fine craftsmanship.

We picked up some more Hitman Glass at the 710 from Signore Douglas. Very happy to say we got a bates turbine from them which pulls like a champion. We added more Hitman Phase twos to the mix and also picked up a hammer head.

Swagger glass has graciously bestowed upon us his newest Swagger Turbine Rigs which we will have fully stocked in the next week. In addition he will be releasing a fritted disk turbine which we will be the first and only online retailer to carry them. Keep an eye on the Swagger Glass collection on for new additions. is heavily pursuing a new enail company that will be providing enails for a much lower price than that of competitors. We will be fully stocked with High Tech Titanium’s lines of 10mm 14mm 18mm domeless, fixed, and adjustable nails. They will be here sometime in August.

When buying titanium nails it is SO important to ensure they are American made products. The quality control in materials and machining in China is poor quality and is harmful for medical use. Please be smart and spend the extra $20 on a nail that is quality, American made, and will not pitt/give off harmful byproducts with use.

The continued pursuit for quality products never ends. We will be continually looking for the glass that is demanded and selling to all our DabStars!

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