Buying the Right Vape Pen

The Vape Pen… a convenient incognito way to stay lifted in the public arena or comfort of your own home without breaking out the flame thrower and oil rig every 20 minutes. With an extremely competitive market for Vape Pens it is important to know the basics of them to ensure a quality purchase. wants to give you a proper break down of Vape pens, the differences, and what one is best.

The main components to a vape pen are: an atomizer (heating element inside), battery, and mouth piece. The atomizer is used as a heating element to vaporize your concentrate. The atomizer has a heating coil in the center of it and is encased by metal or ceramic to evenly disperse heat inside and also contain it. The battery is used to as a power source to the heating element. And the accessories/extras provided by the vendor. Those 3 components are essentially what will dictate how well your vape pen functions and how long it will last.


The atomizers with ceramic housing will regulate heat better and not malfunction as much, resulting in a longer life. The typical life of a ceramic atomizer is 3-6 months depending on the vendor and amount of use. V.I.P Technologies has the best ceramic atomizer in their vape pens and have been known to last for longer than 6 months. Cloud Penz 2.0 have ceramic atomizers as well which are good and have a 3-6 month life expectancy. Gpens do not use ceramic and they often malfunction/burn out fast.


The battery of a Vape Pen is often over looked by consumer AND manufacturers. The battery is so important because the level of voltage going to the atomizer has an effect on how fast the concentrate vaporizes. If the pen zaps the concentrate from high voltage its is not good for the pen or the consumer. The concentrate can splatter internally and burn out the coil due to the lack of material inside the pen.

Often  people pick and scrape at the atomizer from clogs or excess concentrate material build up, which will result in the coil popping and the atomizer no longer working. Maintenance is needed to clear out this area, just do it safely and avoid the center area.

The Vape Pens with the best battery configuration are V.I. Technologies VIP Vape Pens & Cloud Pen 2.0. The VI Technologies Vape pens regulate the flow of voltage to the atomizer so it won’t burn out or break easily. The Cloud Penz 2.0 works similarly, but sometimes are defective and need to be replaced.


Asserories are always a big selling point when people look to buy a vape pen. Cloud Penz 2.0 take the cake on this one for sure. Cloud Penz come with a Skillet Tools dabber tool, which is really handy when your working with a small place to add concentrate. The Cloud Penz also include a micro USB cord for charging and USB power plug. Cloud Penz 2.0 also come in a vartiety of flash colors from lambo yello to green slyme.  Also the trendy travel case it comes with looks like a pair of sun glasses.

Each pen is unique in its own way, Cloud Penz 2.0 are a great option for sure, but the preferred pen for is VI Technologies V.I.P Vape pens. They are reliable, long lasting, and give the best draws. They may cost a litte more, but if you need a cheap fix that’s going to break  in a few weeks there is always the G Pen.

We hope you find the Vapor pen for sale on that best suites you and your needs. For questions comments or anything at all hit us up on the contact page!

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