New Glass and Titanium for Sale

The last month we have been getting some of the sexiest glass we could find for  We picked up several Drip rigs by Steve Beer Glass that we are selling out of promptly after each order. We have just recently ordered multiple pendant rigs, Slyme Drips rigs, and lavender drip rigs by Steve Beer Glass. They will be arriving sometime in the end of August and for sale shortly thereafter.

We are the 1st online retailer for Defstar, whom we picked up last week. The time and work they put into each piece is unreal. They’re glass oil rigs are modeled after the infamous Deathstar from Star wars. The oil rigs are currently up for sale on If you’re really a G you’ll grab a Sarah Shade Light Saber Dabber from us as well to wield DabForce.

Probably the hottest selling item we have had all summer is our glass oil rigs from Made Rob. John Taylor blown glass by Mad Rob makes for an ultimate bent neck oil rig with wig wag worked perks. The Mouth piece and foot are traditionally accented with a ring of purple rain, pink Cadillac, slyme, onyx, or honey brown. These glass oil rigs are for sale @ but sell out almost as quick as they are put up. If you see one in stock you like, don’t hesitate to grab it.

We are very happy to have received our 1st order of High Tech Titanium nails this week. We have 14mm fixed nails and adjustable titanium nails that we will have on the site for sale as soon as they are photographed. We will be getting 10mm 14mm 18mm domeless designs, full dabber sets, and there version of and electric nail (enail) in the next month.

If you have questions on any products or they’re availability, please contact us on our contact page.

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