Hitman Glass Oil Rigs for sale at TheDabStore.com

Last week we got our shipments of the 2013 fall release of Hitman Glass. We are the 1st online head shop to have the Hitman Mini Cake Phase 2 for sale, and they are going quick!

We finally got a re-up on Sunday Cups. They have a brilliance perk going up into a turbine perk centered in the middle of the Sunday to create the perfect spiral of free flowing vapor. This rig is for those who appreciate the fine things in glass.

Hitman Glass Dab Rig

Additionally we got some of the new double barrel recyclers which have are a very unique take on a recycler. The twin cans horizontally stacked on top of each other, make for a very smooth draw.  

hitman glass double barrel recycler dab rig

You can see here both Hitman Glass Sunday Cup and Double Barrel Recycler water test. HERE

We recommend using a domeless nail for the Hitman Glass Mini Cake and regular Phase 2’s because of the compactness it is much more convenient to account for only a rig and a domeless nail when on the go. All of our domeless titanium nails are American made, and fit the standard 14mm direct inject fitting these rigs have.

We hope to accommodate all of our fellow honey heads and boro fiends! We have hammer heads & turbine straight tubes as well. If there is anything you want that is not on our website please let us know and we can see about having it ordered.

As always, Peace Love & Dabs.


Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts


owner at thedabstore.com