Has Dabbers For Sale ?! Shocking

We like to give wide variety of dabbers for the multiple compositions of concentrates & personal preferences of our customers. Dabbers with pics, shovels, scoops, blades, paddles, hooks, forks, tridents… You get the tip, I mean point.

Our Silika Line of dabbers for sale are a top seller, and have DOPE matching bee hive stands if you want to get the combo.

We have another company High Tech Titanium that sells a double sided dabber with a paddle on one side and a ball point on the other. We found in R&D the paddle was great for viscous or soft concentrates, and the ball point was good for harder concentrates.  For $18 this is an easy decision.

Moving on to a bit more trendy and fashionable dabbers, the Corey Brazillar Designs (KillaBrazillar) Paint Brush Dabbers are hand crafted with amazing colors. He uses Pink Cadillac, Purple Rain, Slyme, Lavender, and many other unique colors for his Paint Brush Dabbers. If you are lucky we may have some pendant paint brush dabbers available. If you wear a white shirt with your paint brush dabber, you will get some dab manners real quick not forgetting to wipe!

We have Happy Daddy Dabbers for sale as well. The whole line from the Buddha Dabbers to the F-bomb, we have them all.

When mentioning dabbers, you can’t go without recognizing THE DANK DABBER! Our good friends at Dank Dabber have made a lineup of extremely convenient, durable, and sleek dabbers that can tickle any OG’s fancy.

Last to mention is our last ever produced Sarah Shade Light Saber Dabbers. We got one of her last orders that went out before they were discontinued. They come in a multitude of colors also including slyme & glow in the dark editions.

We are always adding to and expanding our collection. If there is something you want to see for sale on let us know!

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