New Artist: Zach Landry (affordable and quality dabbing rigs)

This past week we got our first order from up and coming glass artist Zach Landry. Currently working out of San Diego, Zach has had a lot of development working for Sokol Glass. He sent us an assortment of his new work that included banger hangers, mini tubes, and a 10 mm recycler.

All the glass we received has extremely clean joint seals! The line work on his sections and colored tubing is spot on. For the price these are put out at, this work is a serious bang for your buck.

Zach Landry Mini tube 14 mm female  

 The mini tube features above was done with Green Sparkle over Electric Green and illuminati. These brilliant color combos are really legit for a piece priced under $450.

Blue Stardust banger hanger

Here is a bent neck banger hanger rig in blue stardust with a sublime mouth piece and a accent of illuminati around the bottom of the base. These rigs have a two hole diffusion perc which make for a great rip!

Zach landry 10 mm recycler

The all Blue Dream recycler above is absolutely lit! The faceted opal on the side adds the perfect accent to this piece. Zach put a 10 MM joint on this little monster! For $500 this little gem is worth the money!

We see this work going up in price as his name gets out there. Don't miss out on a great investment and quality piece of glass with his work!


Paulie Peanuts
Paulie Peanuts


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