The Meaning of 710 for Dabbing

    710 is the number used to represent dabbers as 420 represents individuals who smoke flower (plant matter). People who dab or vape concentrates, adopted 710 as the numeric representation. Thus July 10th is a celebrated day in the concentrate community.
The reason for choosing 710 is because when turned upside down it spells out “OIL”… oil. Oil which is also a term for concentrates is the general viscosity for most standard BHO runs.
    In 2013 we attended and vended at the first ever 710 Cup in our home city of Denver CO. The years prior there wasn’t such a movement around oil to form such a dope event. Meeting the people in our niche community was epic, the dabs were flowing, and the concentrate options weren’t a third of what they are today, but still fire. 710 Cup 2013
A monumental day and time for us stoners to celebrate! The tradition of 710 is a serious force these days with huge blow out events all over the medical and recreational states. We hope you enjoy responsibly and safely.
    If you need the essentials for this year’s celebrations, check out our offerings. We have butane torches, quartz bangers, dab rigs, carb caps, dabbers, enails, silicone mats/jars, and more!

Aaron Cramer
Aaron Cramer